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Political situation in China - 在中国政治局

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photo Political situation in China - satisfied

Political situation in China - satisfied

I am satisfied with the political situation in China.
Political situation in China - unsatisfied

Political situation in China - unsatisfied

I am unsatisfied with political situation in China.

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Graph online : Political situation in China - 在中国政治局
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for33against   我在中国的政治局势感到满意。没有犹豫的原因。例如,因为它... (如果我想写为什么,我写在这里), positive
for2against   Kopieren Firmen mit Niederlassungen ,in den Ruin!, SEPP
for1against   Unterdrückung der Minderheiten und Zensur Staat, SEPP
for1against   Missachtet die Menschenrechte und den Dalai Lama!Free Tibet!!!!, SEPP
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for Political situation in China - satisfied

Victory of China online community

For the China net citizens of the world's biggest online community, it was a rare victory. At the 11th hour, and with no proper explanation, the Chinese government, the most assiduous internet censor on the planet, engineered a sudden climbdown.Instead of proceeding with plans to transform its notorious Great Firewall internet censor with new tools known as Green Dam, the authorities desisted. A terse statement ran on the Xinhua news agency. "China will delay the mandatory installation of the 'Green Dam-Youth Escort' filtering software on new computers."The plan to bundle the software into ...

China’s Stability Doctrine

伦敦—二十年以来,中国外交都是在该国“和平崛起”的理念指引下进行的。然而当下的中国需要一种新的战略理念。因为斯里兰卡政府最近针对泰米尔猛虎组织的胜利最引人注目的一方面并不是一边倒的实力对比,而是中国向拉贾帕克萨总统提供了发动这场战争所需要的军事援助和外交掩护这一事实。 没有中国的支持,拉贾帕克萨政府既不会有向猛虎组织发起攻势所必需的资金,也不会有置世界舆论于不顾的魄 ...

West miscasts Tiananmen protesters

About the massacre in central Beijing that followed weeks of demonstrations in Tiananmen Square in 1989, which I covered as part of a team of Reuters reporters, I cannot help feeling troubled.Of course it was a brutal and harrowing time, but that isn’t the reason for my disquiet. I’m concerned because I don’t think we – the western media – got the narrative of those days quite right. People say journalism is merely a first, rough draft of history. But the problem here is that this draft appears to have been canonised, passing largely unedited into popular ...

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The National Interest OnlineChina's Hong Kong Nightmare Is BackThe National Interest OnlineThis may appear to some as a victory for those who support the political status quo on the island, but as it will leave the underlying grievances of the protesters untouched, it is certain that tensions will flare up in the city-state again in the not ...Photos from the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests, courtesy of Chicago's Gary ...Chicago ReaderYoung people of Taiwan and Hong Kong refusing to accept the unification of ...Sydney Morning HeraldPolitics not only for politicians and old people: HK student leader Joshua WongChannel News AsiaBangor Daily News -Jackson Clarion Ledger -The Guardianall 1,977 news articles »
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Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai will attend the 15th Western China International Fair (WCIF) to be held in Chengdu, capital of southwest China's Sichuan Province, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying announced on Tuesday.
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CNNHead Off a Tiananmen Massacre in Hong KongWall Street JournalHong Kong's House News, a popular independent newspaper known for its support of Occupy Central, closed after its owner released a letter saying he was "fearful" because of political pressure from China. And last month, Hong Kong's Independent ...Echoing Tiananmen, 17-year-old Hong Kong student prepares for democracy ...CNNOne in five Hong Kongers would consider leaving: surveyChannel News Asiaall 780 news articles »
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Foreign PolicyHong Kong's Sour DealForeign PolicyWith the situation in the Chinese territory very much in flux -- and the future of the protest movement uncertain -- Foreign Policy solicited opinions and predictions from several experts on Hong Kong, Chinese history, and Chinese politics. George Chen ...

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