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Political situation in Afghanistan

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Political situation in Afghanistan - satisfied

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Political situation in Afghanistan - dissatisfied

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Realism in Afghanistan

For some time, it has been clear that complete eradication of the Taliban in Afghanistan is impossible. It has too many domestic supporters inside the country and -- more importantly -- receives too much aid and safe haven across the border in Pakistan. Unless and until the Pakistani government is prepared to confront the Taliban, al-Qaeda and radical Islamists, the Taliban will survive.This is not the situation we envisioned when Canadian troops first entered Afghanistan in 2001. Indeed, it comes as a disappointment given our original plan for the country: total victory over the Taliban, and ...

Afghan people 'losing confidence'

People in Afghanistan have far less confidence in the direction their country is taking than four years ago, a new BBC/ABC opinion poll suggests.The approval rating for the central government in Kabul is still high - but is steadily falling.Support for the presence of foreign troops is also strong but declining, compared with previous polls.But the public is still very much opposed to the Taleban, seeing them as the country's biggest threat.Most do not want to see the militants return. In assessing the results, David Cowling, the BBC's editor of political research, said people certainly seem ...

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