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Poliitiline olukord Eestis

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Poliitiline olukord Eestis on valmis oma arvamus, toetada ja hääletada. Hääletus online!
photo Poliitiline olukord Eestis - rahul

Poliitiline olukord Eestis - rahul

Vajuta, kui olete rahul poliitiline olukord Eestis. Ütle, miks? / Click, if you are satisfied with the political situation in Estonia.
Poliitiline olukord Eestis - rahulolematute

Poliitiline olukord Eestis - rahulolematute

Vajuta, kui te ei ole rahul poliitiline olukord Eestis. Ütle, miks? / Click, if you are dissatisfied with the political situation in Estonia. Say, why?

Online election results for "Poliitiline olukord Eestis - rahul" in graph.

hääletus sest33hääletus vastu   Olen rahul poliitilise olukorraga Eestis. Mingit põhjust karda. Näiteks, sest see ... (kui ma tahtsin kirjutada, miks ma kirjutasin siin), positive
hääletus sest33hääletus vastu   Ma olen rahul poliitilise olukorraga Eestis. Näiteks, sest see ... (kui ma tahtsin kirjutada, miks ma kirjutasin siin), negative
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hääletus sest Poliitiline olukord Eestis - rahul

Estonia's new euro coin “changes” border with Russia — RT

The Estonian ambassador to Moscow has said the outline of the country’s new euro coin did have a mistake, but the final version does not seize Russia’s territory. ­ On January 1, Estonia became the 17th EU member to join the eurozone. The event was marked not only by celebrations, but also a scandal surrounding the new euro coin. Estonian human rights activist Sergey Seredenko said that Estonia’s map depicted on euro coins does not correctly reflect the outline of national territory and comprises part of Russia. He had informed the Russian embassy of this ...

Estonian Foreign Minister Meets US Secretary of State ‎

On a visit to the United States, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on January 20 to discuss Afghanistan, NATO and relations with Russia. "Now I could go on and on about Estonia, and I have enjoyed already two visits as Secretary of State to Estonia,“ said Clinton, speaking to the press. "But what I'm most excited about is how closely we are working together to meet the sheer challenges of the 21st century. We are grateful, Minister, for such a dependable, creative and close ally, and we look forward to the work ahead.“ The US ...

Estonian government launches talks with Eesti Gaas over main grid

The Estonian economy ministry has launched consultations with Eesti Gaas, aiming to buy the gas main grid from the company and hand it to electricity main grid manager Elering, LETA/Postimees Online reports. “The economy ministry launched consultations with Eesti Gaas on how to proceed with liberalization of the gas market,” said Elering’s board chairman Taavi Veskimägi on Thursday to the press.Veskimägi said that Elering could become the administrator of the joint electricity and gas main grids.Veskimägi said that owners of Eesti Gaas should not be forced ...

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