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Pieter Willem Botha

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Was 'n Suid-Afrikaanse politikus. Gesterf het in 2006. | Known as P. W. and Die Groot Krokodil. Was the prime minister of South Africa. Died in 2006.
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Click, if you do not support P.W. Botha ("The Big Crocodile"). Say why. / Kliek op, as jy nie ondersteun nie P.W. Botha ("Die Groot Krokodil"). Sê hoekom. "The Big Crocodile"

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AFR: Pieter Willem Botha, P.W. of die Groot Krokodil (Paul Roux (Vrystaat) 12 Januarie 1916 - Wildernis naby George, 31 Oktober 2006) was van 1978 tot 1984 Eerste Minister en van 1984 tot 1989 staatspresident van Suid-Afrika. Van 1978 tot 1989 was hy ook leier van die Nasionale Party. Pieter Willem Botha is op die ouderdom van 90 in sy huis Die Anker oorlede. Jeug Botha is gebore in die Paul Roux-distrik van die Vrystaat uit ’n stoere boere familie. Sy vader, met dieselfde naam, veg mee in die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog (1899-1902). In 1934 begin P.W. Botha sy studie in die regte aan die Grey-Universiteitskollege (later Universiteit van die Vrystaat) in Bloemfontein, maar hy staak sy studies op 20-jarige leeftyd om ‘n politieke loopbaan te volg deur vir die NP te werk in die ...
for32against   In my opinion P.W. Botha is quite good politician. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
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Talk of Change: An Interview with Pieter Willem Botha Read

By the standards of South Africa's all-white National Party, Prime Minister Pieter Willem Botha, 66, is a moderate. In his 18th-floor office in Cape Town, he talked with TIME Johannesburg Bureau Chief Marsh Clark about the political battle raging within Afrikanerdom. When Clark joked that the Prime Minister, who describes himself as a conservative, though not an "embalmed" one, bore no visible scars from his recent skirmishes, Botha replied: "I suppose I am like a crayfish—always in hot water." Excerpts from the interview: On the right-wing defection from the party, led by Dr. ...

The life and times of PW Botha

By the early 21st century, Pieter Willem Botha's name had become a by-word for unaccountable government and the autocratic exercise of power. Botha, who died on Tuesday night at his home, Die Anker, near Wilderness in the Western Cape, aged 90, was the archetype "kragdadige" Afrikaner and a worthy successor to John Vorster, whom he replaced as prime minister in the wake of the information scandal in late 1978. It was he who coined the phrases "Total Onslaught" and "Total Strategy" to justify the ever-greater use of force to suppress growing black resistance to white-only rule. By Leon ...

P. W. Botha, Defender of Apartheid, Is Dead at 90

Correction Appended P. W. Botha, the South African leader who struggled vainly to preserve apartheid rule in a tide of domestic racial violence and global condemnation, died yesterday at his home in South Africa. He was 90. His death was reported by The South African Press Association in Cape Town, quoting the security staff at Mr. Botha’s home on the southern Cape coast. Mr. Botha was a combative, irascible son of a well-to-do Afrikaner farm family who dropped out of college to work for the right-wing National Party, then rose through the ranks of South Africa’s political ...

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