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Pieter Mulder

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Die huidige leier van die Vryheidsfront Plus (VF ). | The Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
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Pieter Mulder welcomes Zuma's lack of denialism

"Back to the basics" was the overarching impression of President Zuma's first State of the Nation Address. Where government had in the past denied problems such as crime, Zimbabwe and HIV/Aids and had gotten stuck in ideological debates, President Zuma identified core problems and made proposals as to how it could be addressed. This includes issues such as crime, corruption, poor health services, education, poverty etc. The impression was created that new management with new ideas is now in charge. If there is however also not renewal in the public service, many of these proposals will only ...

Time to revisit the labour laws - Pieter Mulder

Speech by Dr Pieter Mulder MP, Freedom Front Plus leader, in the debate on the presidency's budget vote, parliament, June 24 2009. The economy shed 179 000 jobs in the first quarter. The second quarter is likely to be as bad. Indeed not a good time to be elected as a president. Why in these difficult times are there many workers striking and threatening to bring the country economically to a stop? The medical doctors and some workers have good reasons to be unhappy. In contrast, other workers are striking to abuse the Confederations Cup Tournament or the 2010 Soccer World Cup for selfish ...

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