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Peter Shumlin

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The 81st and current Governor of Vermont serving since 2011.
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ENG: Peter Shumlin (born March 24, 1956) is the 81st Governor of Vermont. He had represented the Windham Vermont Senate District for 8 terms (1992–2002, 2006–2011). He was elected the Governor in the 2010 election. Early life Shumlin went to high school at the Buxton School, and he graduated from Wesleyan University in 1979.Shumlin served on the Putney Selectboard in the 1980s and helped found Landmark College, which is located in Putney. The college was created to help people with learning disabilities gain a college education. Shumlin's father was a third generation Jewish immigrant from Russia, and his mother an immigrant who grew up in a Protestant family. Political career House of Representatives Peter Shumlin was appointed by Democratic Gov. Madeleine Kunin to ...
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Journal Q & A with Gov. Peter Shumlin

JOURNAL: What was your biggest disappointment with the session? Was there something that didn't happen that you had hoped would take place or some piece of legislation that might have gotten away or something that's now a top priority for next year? SHUMLIN: Not really. I got to say this legislative session exceeded my wildest dreams. I put forth an extraordinarily ambitious agenda in January. I never thought that we'd be where we are right now and I've been in the statehouse, first [as a] house member and then [as] president of the senate for years and years, I have never seen them work as ...

Peter Shumlin Back From Caribbean, Defends Secrecy

Sun-kissed and amused by the brouhaha, Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin returned from a Caribbean getaway with no apologies for keeping his vacation destination a secret or for going there without his security detail. The first-term Democrat's whereabouts became the subject of speculation and news reports after staff members said they either didn't know where he was or wouldn't say after he left Thursday. Adding to the public interest in his whereabouts, Vermont got walloped by its biggest-ever March snowstorm, which dumped more than two feet of snow in places and closed schools and some state ...

Shumlin:The man who'd bring single-payer health care to VT

Peter Shumlin, the newly elected governor of Vermont, has a plan for health-care reform: Rather than repeal it, he wants to supercharge it. His state will set up an exchange, and then, as soon as possible, apply for a waiver that allows it to turn the program into a single-payer system. You can read a summary of the plan here (Word file). I spoke with Shumlin this morning, and a lightly edited transcript of our conversation follows. Ezra Klein: The report (PDF) prepared by Dr. William Hsiao offered three options for Vermont: single payer, a strong public option and a form of private-public ...

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