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Peter Roskam

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The U.S. Representative for Illinois's 6th congressional district, serving since 2007.
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ENG: Peter James Roskam (born September 13, 1961) is the U.S. Representative for Illinois's 6th congressional district, serving since 2007. He is a member of the Republican Party and Chief Deputy Whip in the 112th Congress, ranking fourth among house Republican leaders; also served in the Illinois Senate and the Illinois House of Representatives. Early life, education and career Roskam was born in Hinsdale, Illinois. He was the fourth of five children and was raised in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, graduating from Glenbard West High School. Roskam received his B.A. in political science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and his J.D. from the Chicago-Kent College of Law. In 1984, Roskam taught history and government at All Saints High School in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin ...
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Roskam Applauds House Passage of 3% Withholding Rule Repeal

Chief Deputy Whip Peter Roskam (IL-06) issued the following statement after the House passed H.R. 674, a bill to permanently repeal the 3% withholding requirement placed on businesses' contracts with local, state and the federal government – legislation President Obama supports: "House Republicans are continuing to show that we want to work with President Obama on legislation where there is common ground. This bill will free companies from the burdensome withholding rule, giving them more access to capital to grow their business. Employers all across the country are facing capital ...

How Obama’s rules hold back Chicago business

“Please don’t challenge us with more rules and regulations from Washington.” That was one farmer’s plea to President Barack Obama at a recent town hall in Atkinson. Unfortunately, its become a steady chorus from American businesses of all walks, including in meetings with Illinois businesses on Tuesday. Appropriate and responsible regulations play an important policymaking role. Yet the Obama administration has turned rule-making into an assault on American businesses and the jobs they create. Right now, 4,257 new regulations are in the works, 219 of which will cost ...

Roskam Continues GOP's Attack on Government Regulations

As I've already written about here in my post on Neil Cavuto bringing in a speed reader to attack government regulations, as Media Matters pointed out, Fox News began a week long assault on government regulations in conjunction with the GOP's push to roll those regulations back as well. During their weekly address, Rep. Peter Roskam continued that assault. Some of the businesses he named off have already been written about at C&L, such as the Gibson guitar case, and the GOP's attempt to gut the NLRB and their union busting in the Boeing case. Roskam also mentioned a business called ...

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