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Peter Robinson

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A British politician. The First Minister of Northern Ireland and Leader of the Democratic Unionist Party since 2008.
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ENG: Peter David Robinson (born 29 December 1948) is a British politician who has been the First Minister of Northern Ireland and Leader of the Democratic Unionist Party since 2008. He has been actively involved in Northern Irish politics since 1970 when he became a founding member of the DUP along with Ian Paisley. Robinson served as Paisley’s Parliamentary Assistant at Westminster prior to assuming the role of the General Secretary of the DUP in 1975, a position which he held until 1979 and which afforded him the opportunity to exert unprecedented influence within the fledgling unionist party. In 1977, Robinson was elected as a councillor for the Castlereagh Borough Council in Dundonald, and in 1979, he became the youngest-serving Member of Parliament (MP) when he was ...
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Peter Robinson: we must halt Sinn Fein’s all-Ireland project

Both of Northern Ireland’s biggest political parties have claimed that Sinn Fein’s success |in the Irish general election will boost their performance in Stormont elections later this year. Yesterday, DUP leader Peter Robinson mentioned it as he launched his candidates for the Assembly elections. Mr Robinson conceded that Sinn Fein's Dail gains provided it with “limited opportunities for growth in Northern Ireland”, but added “there will also be a bounce for us because people will want to stop Gerry Adams in his tracks with his all-Ireland project”. ... By ...

Robinson 'clings to sinking ship'

TUV leader Jim Allister has accused the Northern Ireland Executive of being the most "wretched, useless government anywhere in the western world".Mr Allister told delegates at its annual conference policing and justice would have already been devolved if it wasn't for the TUV's opposition.He said DUP leader Peter Robinson was "clinging to a sinking ship".He pledged to give a voice to unionists who want to move towards voluntary coalition and an opposition role.Mr Allister, a former DUP member, formed the party in 2007 based on opposition to power-sharing with Sinn Fein.He hit out at what he ...

Robinson presses for military sites handover

Tuesday, 13 January 2009 First Minister Peter Robinson has urged the Government to fulfill its promise to hand over former military sites to the Stormont Executive. And after meetings with Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Secretary of State Shaun Woodward, Mr Robinson said he still held out hope. He also said he disagreed with the remarks of NI Office Security Minister Paul Goggins that local political parties have “embellished” the generosity of the anticipated handover. The DUP leader said the situation was clear cut in the Government’s own documents from 1995 in the ...

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