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Peter R. Caruana

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A Gibraltarian politician, historical leader of the Gibraltar Social Democrats (GSD). | Un político gibraltareño, líder del GSD y de la oposición.
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ENG: Sir Peter Richard Caruana, KCMG, QC (born 15 October 1956) is a Gibraltarian politician, historical leader of the Gibraltar Social Democrats (GSD) and former Chief Minister of Gibraltar holding office from, 1996 to 2011. He is a barrister by profession and was appointed a Queen's Counsel for Gibraltar in 1998 and elected an Overseas Master of the Bench of Inner Temple in 2011. Political career Prior to being elected to Government his political career progressed steadily. In 1990, Caruana became member of the Gibraltar Social Democrats. One year later, he became leader of the party and in May 1991 gained a seat in the House of Assembly by winning Gibraltar's first contested by-election. In January 1992, Caruana led his party to the position of official opposition by winning ...
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Un jamĂłn de Peter Caruana

No hacía falta que el PP restringiese a sus dirigentes los regalos que podían aceptar por Navidad. Los detalles que las empresas estaban dispuestas a hacer este año ya se habían encogido, sin ayuda de nadie. Se ha comprado menos cava que nunca: el año pasado bajó la venta casi un 10% y éste se ha reducido en un 5. Dicen los proveedores, que no ha menguado el consumo doméstico, sino las cestas. Una sisa producida por la crisis, catástrofe natural que ha afectado a todo el mundo. ¿A todo el mundo? No. Unos pequeños ...

Peter Caruana says the quick Spanish apology diffused ...

... the incident on Gibraltar The Gibraltar First Minister claimed that the Spanish Civil Guards continued to chase the two suspected drug traffickers once onland in GibraltarThe First Minister of Gibraltar, Peter Caruana, has said that the diplomatic incident caused by the Guardia Civil vessel which came into Gibraltar Port while chasing suspected drug-runners in a zodiac boat, was diffused thanks to the prompt apology from Spain’s Interior Minister, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba. Caruana has said that the apology stopped the incident growing into something which would have been ...

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