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Pete Stark

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American democratic politician - former U.S. Representative from 1973 to 2013.
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ENG:Fortney Hillman "Pete" Stark, Jr.(born November 11, 1931) is an American politician who was a member of the United States House of Representatives from 1973 to 2013. A Democrat from California, Stark's district—California's 13th congressional district during his last two decades in Congress—was in southwestern Alameda County and included Alameda, Union City, Hayward, Newark, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, and Fremont (his residence during the early part of his tenure), as well as parts of Oakland and Pleasanton. At the time he left office in 2013, he was the fifth most senior Representative, as well as sixth most senior member of Congress overall. He was also the dean of California's 55-member Congressional delegation. Prior to his service to the 13th district, Stark ...
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Pete Stark, others offer medical marijuana bills

House members including Rep. Pete Stark introduced a trio of bills today that would afford new protections for medical marijuana providers and users. Stark, D-Fremont, introduced H.R. 1985, the Small Business Tax Equity Act of 2011, which would let medical marijuana dispensaries deduct business expenses from their federal taxes like any other organization or business. Among the bill’s original cosponsors are Dana Rohrabacher, R-Huntington Beach, and Ron Paul, R-Texas. “Our tax code undercuts legal medical marijuana dispensaries by preventing them from taking all the deductions ...

Rep. Pete Stark Rejects Santorum’s Anti-Gay Adoption Stance

Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) introduced the Every Child Deserves a Family Act, which would “ban discrimination in adoption or foster care placement based on the sexual orientation, marital status or gender identity of the potential parent, or the sexual orientation or gender identity of the child.” The measure has attracted 33 Democratic co-sponsors in the House, and “Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) will introduce a companion bill in the Senate in the coming weeks.” Stark told the Huffington Post’s Amanda Terkel that “homophobic opposition that has tried to decide ...

Secular Americans praise Rep. Pete Stark’s National Day

Secular groups praised a proclamation Representative Pete Stark (D-CA) entered into the congressional record last week recognizing May 5 as the National Day of Reason. The proclamation resulted from collaboration between Representative Stark and the Secular Coalition for America, the leading national lobby for secular Americans. “Reason and rational thinking have made our country great,” Rep. Stark’s proclamation stated. “The Constitution of the United States of America is based upon the philosophies developed during the historical Age of Reason and the idea that ...

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