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Pervez Musharraf

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ایک ریٹائرڈ پاکستانی جنرل چار اسٹار اور سیاستدان ہے. | Is a retired Pakistani four-star general and politician.
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پر کلک کریں ، اگر آپ کو پرویز مشرف کی حمایت نہیں کرتے. باتیں کیوں کہتے ہو. | Click, if you do not support Pervez Musharraf. Say why.

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URD: جنرل (ر) پرویز مشرف (پیدائش: 11 اگست 1943ء، دہلی) پاکستان کے دسویں صد‏‏ر تھے۔ مشرف نے 12 اکتوبر 1999ء کو بطور رئیس عسکریہ ملک میں فوجی قانون نافذ کرنے کے بعد وزیر اعظم نواز شریف کو جبراً معزول کر دیا اور پھر 20 جون 2001ء کو ایک صدارتی استصوابِ رائے کے ذریعے صدر کا عہدہ اختیار کیا۔ جس سے قبل آپ ملک کے چیف ایگزیکٹو (chief executive) کہلاتے تھے۔ مشرف نے 18 اگست 2008ء کو اپنے نے قوم سے خطاب کے دوران اپنے استعفیٰ کا اعلان کیا۔ انہوں نے متواتر آئین کی کئی خلاف ...
for36against   In my opinion Pervez Musharraf is quite good politician. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
for3against   He is a real Pakistani Muslim leader but unlikely our nation are blind., juda2025
for3against   Musharaff understands pakistan,he has vision and well respected by internationally,he is honest and capable leader,he loves pakistan and practical also., mirza
for27against   I do not agree. Pervez Musharraf is bad choice. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), negative
for0against   He is the man responsible for todays miseries of pakistan., bilalkhan04
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I will deal with allegations against me: Pervez Musharraf

LAHORE: Former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf said in an interview aired on Saturday that he would have to deal with the allegations being levelled against him in Pakistan. Talking to Dunya News, he said the allegations were baseless and concocted, and that he did not deem it necessary to respond to them. He denied he had been asked to vacate the Army House, and added that he had moved because the construction of his own house at Chak Shahzad had been completed. He said he had bought a house in London, but his permanent residence would remain in Pakistan. Talking to another TV channel, ...

Extremism is biggest threat to Pakistan, says Musharraf

LAHORE: Extremism is the biggest threat to Pakistan, former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf said in an interview with a private TV channel aired on Monday. Musharraf said the army should stay in Swat and Malakand even after the military operation is accomplished. The former president said he did not impose martial law ‘intentionally’ in 1999. About the Lal Masjid operation, Musharraf said male and female suicide bombers were hiding in the mosque when the operation was launched. He also said the operation was delayed by four months to save innocent people present inside the ...

Pervez Musharraf is history now: Shujaat

OKARA: PML-Q president Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain has said former president Pervez Musharraf has become history. He was talking to the journalists after offering Fateha on the death of brother of former parliamentary secretary Muhammad Aslam at the latter’s residence Saturday in village Gogira. Responding to a question from journalists about the prospects of Pervez Musharraf becoming president of PML-Q he said it was tool late now. Musharraf was history now, he added. Country was passing through critical phase of its history, he said this was not the time for fanning political differences ...

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Pervez Musharraf kept Kayani in the dark about Kargil war plans - India Today
Deccan ChroniclePervez Musharraf kept Kayani in the dark about Kargil war plansIndia TodayPakistan's former Army chief General Pervez Musharraf kept General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani in the dark about Kargil Operation in 1999 despite the latter heading forces responsible to guard the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, according to a book by a former ...Pervez Musharraf hid Kargil plans from Ashfaq Pervez KayaniDeccan ChroniclePervez Musharraf kept Ashfaq Parvez Kayani in dark about Kargil planIndia.com'Musharraf had kept Kayani in the dark'The Asian Ageall 27 news articles »
Need Strong Government to Tackle Crisis: Former Pakistan President Pervez ... - NDTV
NDTVNeed Strong Government to Tackle Crisis: Former Pakistan President Pervez ...NDTVIslamabad: Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf said Pakistan needed a powerful government because the country is currently engulfed in multiple crisis, media reported today. He said that all the allegations levelled against him were baseless.Pervez Musharraf says powerful government needed in Pakistan to tackle ...Daily News & AnalysisPakistan needs more provinces: Pervez MusharrafPakTribune.comPakistan needs powerful govt to tackle multiple crisis: Pervez MusharrafIndia.comARY NEWS (press release) (blog) -Geo News, Pakistanall 43 news articles »
Fire breaks out at Pakistan hospital holding former military ruler Pervez Musharraf for ‘heart condition’
A fire broke out early Wednesday at the Pakistani hospital where former military ruler Pervez Musharraf was admitted for a heart condition, officials said. "There was a small fire incident at the hospital, but it was extinguished immediately," a source…...
April 10 hearing: ATC summons Pervez Musharraf - The Express Tribune
The Express TribuneApril 10 hearing: ATC summons Pervez MusharrafThe Express TribuneAn anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Islamabad has summoned Pervez Musharraf on April 10 in the judges' detention case. While expressing dissatisfaction over the respondent's continuous absence, ATC-II judge Sohail Ikram on Friday told the former president ...Lal Masjid Case: ATC issues arrest warrants for MusharrafARY NEWS (press release) (blog)No-show Musharraf agitates ATCPakistan TodayMusharraf's arrest warrants sent to Karachi policeThe NationDaily Times -Pakistan Observerall 13 news articles »

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