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The New Democratic Party (NDP) MP for the Parkdale—High Park electoral district (riding) in Toronto since 2011.
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ENG: Peggy A. Nash (born June 28, 1951) is a Canadian labour official and politician from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is the New Democratic Party (NDP) Member of Parliament (MP) for the Parkdale—High Park electoral district (riding) in Toronto, and was the Official Opposition's Finance Critic, in Canada's 41st parliament. Before becoming a parliamentarian, she worked as a labour official at the Canadian Auto Workers union (CAW), where she became the first female to negotiate a major contract with one of the Detroit-based automobile corporations in 2005. She was first elected as the MP for Parkdale—High Park in the 2006 federal election. In the 2008 federal election, she was defeated in her re-election bid by Liberal candidate Gerard Kennedy. After her defeat, Nash ...
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Peggy Nash: a Thatcher for the left? ‎

The way Peggy Nash fans – and there are many – see it is that she’ll be the compromise candidate. In the NDP leadership race, Brian Topp and Thomas Mulcair will be the front-runners. But their support will be limited because of their negatives. Mr. Topp has the handicap of having no experience as an elected politician, and Mr. Mulcair’s appeal will be limited because of his mercurial, adversarial nature. In such a scenario, Ms. Nash could benefit from the preferential balloting system and come up the middle. That’s what Alison Redford, the recently crowned ...

Peggy Nash will join NDP race on Friday ‎

OTTAWA—Toronto MP Peggy Nash will launch her campaign to become the next leader of the federal New Democrats on Friday. Nash was coy Wednesday when asked about her announcement, expected at 9:30 a.m. at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto “I’ll have comments on that in a few days, not today,” Nash told reporters following the weekly NDP caucus meeting on Parliament Hill. “I think one thing that I am focused on right now is what is happening in the global economy and wanting to do my job as finance critic.” Nash will have to give up that finance critic post ...

Peggy Nash was born to be underestimated. ‎

Peggy Nash was born to be underestimated. She’s a woman who speaks softly and has a sweet sense about her. She winces at the word, but she’s pretty. If she were an actress, she’d be cast as the lady with the lamp bending over a wounded soldier. No threat here, surely. The MP for Parkdale-High Park and NDP finance critic sits in her Parkdale home with a cat in her lap and looks as if she wouldn’t hurt a fly. Lana Payne knows different. The president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour has watched her friend grow both as a union activist and crack ...

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Vancouver SunWhy Tim Hortons feels it needs Burger KingMacleans.ca... has slipped some type of memory inhibitor into its brew, judging from the immediate reaction by Tim Hortons Nation on social media—not to mention the NDP's hand-wringing industry critic Peggy Nash—to the news Burger King is in talks to buy the chain.Burger King Orders the Double Whopper as Chain Merges With Tim ...PFhubVIDEO: Canadian critics react to potential Tim Hortons, Burger King ...Victoria NewsTim Hortons/Burger King merger faces political backlash in Canada ...Camrose CanadianWaterloo Recordvšech 3 204 zpravodajských článků »
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Home News Learn the latest on rail safety in Canada at... - insideTORONTO.com
Home News Learn the latest on rail safety in Canada at...insideTORONTO.comParkdale-High Park MP Peggy Nash is hosting a meeting Sept. 4 at West Toronto Baptist Church, 3029 Dundas St. W. about rail safety. Learn about the federal government's role in rail safety regulation and what recent changes mean for our rail-bordering ...
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Tim's tie-up is no hollowing-out storyThe Globe and MailWitness the reaction to the news this week that the beloved Tim Hortons chain is falling into the clutches of U.S. fast-food giant Burger King. Worried about the potential loss of Canadian institution – and jobs – NDP Industry critic Peggy Nash ...

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