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Peak oil (Energy Crisis)

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photo Peak oil alarmist

Peak oil alarmist

The point in time when the maximum rate of global petroleum extraction is reached.
Peak oil sceptic

Peak oil sceptic

The current round of peak oil predictions is rather "unscientific", there are large reserves and natural resources on the Earth.

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Peak oil alarmist

Peak oil sceptic
for4against   We can’t innovate scientifically as fast as the problems are going to accrue. So we are either going to slow to zero growth or to very low growth., spetr
for2against   Every generation has created children who have a better standard of living than their parents. This is the first generation where that is not proving to be so., spetr
for1against   Peak oil is not a new idea, but now peak oil has popped up in a rather unlikely place: the bland pages of financial analyst reports, a3
for1against   is peak oil theory already debunked or not? is it just a myth? is it a source of current crisis? any answer?, spetr
for1against   "The World Energy Outlook 2008", admits for the first time that "although global oil production in total is not expected to peak before 2030, production of conventional oil, a3
for3against   What about abiotic oil? I don;t think we will run out of oil since it is illegal for us to drill here (thanks liberals!), robufo2000

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