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Partido Nacionalista (PN) | The Nacionalista Party is the oldest political party in the Philippines today.
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ENG: The Nacionalista Party (NP; Spanish/Filipino: Partido Nacionalista, "Nationalist Party") is the oldest political party in the Philippines today and was responsible for leading the country throughout the majority of the 20th century since its founding in 1907. There are no results available of the last elections for the House of Representatives, but according to the website of the House, the party holds five out of 235 seats (state of the parties, June 2005). The party was, at the 2004 elections a member of the Koalisyon ng Katapatan at Karanasan sa Kinabukasan (K-4, Coalition of Truth and Experience for Tomorrow), the coalition that supported president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who won the 2004 presidential elections. In the 14 May 2007 election, the party won 6 seats. The ...
for33against   Ako malinaw na suporta ito. Partido Nacionalista ay lubos na mabuti partido. Halimbawa, dahil sa ito... (kung gusto kong isulat kung bakit ito ay mabuti, ako wrote ito dito), positive
for32against   Matindi ako tutol. Partido Nacionalista ng Pilipinas ay lubos na masamang pinili. Halimbawa, dahil sa ito ... (kung gusto kong isulat kung bakit ito ay masama, ako wrote ito dito), negative
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Before the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos imposed martial law in September 1972, there were only two dominant political parties that took turns at the helm of the state from the time the country gained independence, namely, the Nacionalista Party and the Liberal Party. Occasionally, a third force or independent candidate would challenge the stranglehold of the two giants but not one had succeeded in disturbing the two-party system in place. Founded in 1907, Partido Nacionalista or Nacionalista Party (NP) is the oldest political party in the country. The Partido Liberal or Liberal Party ...

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Is Vice President Jejomar Binay the Manchurian Candidate?
It was made into two classic films, the first with Frank Sinatra in 1962 and the second with Denzel Washington in 2004. “The Manchurian Candidate”, the 1959 best-selling novel by Richard Condon, told the tale of a group of American soldiers captured during the Korean War who were taken to Manchuria, China where they were brainwashed by Chinese officials. After they were released by their captors, the soldiers were hailed as heroes in the US. One of them, Raymond Shaw, became the Manchurian candidate, the sleeper assassin at the beck and call of the Chinese Communists ...
Muñoz leaves UFC with domination of Barnatt
Like the superheroes he wanted to be, Mark Muoz has left the Octagon with an emotional bang as he dismantled Luke Barnatt in a unanimous decision victory in their middleweight match in UFC Fight Night Manila: Edgar vs. Faber Sunday midnight at Mall of Asia Arena. For three rounds, the retiring Muoz went full-on attack mode on the big Brit going for takedowns and massive hooks for his 29-28, 30-27, 30-27, decision victory. Fighting in his home country of the Philippines, Muoz gave a farewell message to the Filipinos in the best way possible. "Pilipinas! Mahal ko kayong lahat! Maraming maraming salamt sa suporta!" Muoz said as he retired with a 14-6 record. "I'll represent you guy...Keep on reading: Muñoz leaves UFC with domination of Barnatt
Binays, cake supplier run franchise of pizza chain
MANILA - Congresswoman Mar-Len Abigail Binay confirmed Monday that she and her siblings are in business with the Chong family but denied that their corporation supplies cakes to the Makati City government.  
Palace won’t sack Binay
      Malacaang will not force Vice President Jejomar Binay to leave the Cabinet despite the release of an Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) report that bolsters charges of corruption against him, the Palace said on Saturday.   But if he wants to go to spare the administration embarrassment or because he believes the Palace is behind the release of the damning report, he most certainly can.   "That's a decision that is left up to him," deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said.   Binay is a member of the Cabinet, overseeing the government's housing programs as chair of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating...Keep on reading: Palace won’t sack Binay

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