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El Partido Liberación Nacional (PLN) es un partido político de Costa Rica. | The National Liberation Party is a political party in Costa Rica.

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El Partido Liberación Nacional (PLN) es un partido político de Costa Rica, fue fundado el 12 de octubre de 1951. A la tendencia política del PLN se le llama liberacionista. El PLN es uno de los dos partidos tradicionales del país, el más antiguo de los actuales partidos políticos legalmente inscritos y es el que actualmente ejerce el poder ejecutivo en la República de Costa Rica.


En el año 2012 hubo cinco aspirantes a ser el candidato presidencial del PLN; Rodrigo Arias (hermano y ministro de Óscar Arias), Johnny Araya, José María Figueres, Antonio Álvarez Desanti y Fernando Berrocal, sin embargo ante el abrumador respaldo que recibía Araya en los sondeos, los demás precandidatos retiraron sus aspiraciones y Araya se inscribió como candidato único sin primarias.


Presidente: Bernal Jiménez Monge

Fundación: 12 de octubre de 1951

Ideología política: Liberacionismo







The National Liberation Party (Spanish: Partido Liberación Nacional, commonly abbreviated as PLN) is a political party in Costa Rica.


The PLN was founded by José Figueres in 1951, following the end of the Costa Rican Civil War. It soon became one of the most important in the country. In 2002, for the first time in history, it lost its second consecutive election. The party won only 27.1% of the popular vote and 17 out of 57 seats. At the presidential elections of the same date, its candidate, Rolando Araya Monge won 31.0% (the worst showing ever for the party) of the vote and was defeated in the run off election by Abel Pacheco.


Some of the most dynamic and popular leaders that have presided over the country have come from the PLN. Among them are Civil War hero José Figueres and Nobel Peace Prize winner Óscar Arias. The party is a member of the Socialist International.


In the February 5, 2006 parliamentary election, the party won 25 out of 57 seats. Its candidate at the presidential election of the same day, Óscar Arias won 40.92% and was elected. In the Costa Rican general election, 2010, Laura Chinchilla, the previous Vice-President, and the PLN candidate won the election with an initial count of 47%. Nowadays, the PLN is losing the trust of a great part of Costarrican population. Statistics from an important newspaper of the country shows that the PLN has been failing in its government issues and had been even a warning. of a coup against the way of government.


Founded: 1951

Ideology: Social democracy, Democratic socialism



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