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Atomic Energy - FOR

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Atomic Energy - AGAINST

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Giving Back to the Community With Nuclear Energy
I started my career at Entergy’s Palisades Nuclear Power Plant in Southwest Michigan 11 years ago as a security officer. After seven years, I moved on to become a supervisor of Document Control and Records Management. Now, I’m a senior emergency planner, thanks to the encouragement of my nuclear mentor, Otto Gustafson. In emergency planning, I’m proud to be on the front lines to ensure the safety of my plant and community. I help organize and facilitate our emergency response organization. I enjoy my job because it allows me to help Palisades be prepared for emergency situations. I know that my coworkers have the knowledge and procedures to secure the plant and keep the community safe, in the case of an emergency. My position challenges me in ways I never dreamed of prior to joining emergency planning and I learn new things every day.My vision for the future of nuclear is continuing to provide clean energy to my community and state. Nuclear offers great benefits to my community,

Nuclear cloud computing growth to challenge cyber security tools
From renewable energy generators through to oil and gas explorers, operators are implementing real-time data monitoring and predictive maintenance strategies to gain competitive advantage as new technologies pressure energy prices.Related Content: Social engineering seen as rising cyber threat to nuclear industryUS utilities must commit to digitization to cut operating costs by 30%Industrial internet turns Big Data boom into operator profitsKnowledge transfer strategies require long-term, digital approachImage: Image Caption: Increasing use of data analytics and IoT will require greater processing and storage capabilities. (Image credit: Maxiphoto)Channels: Operations & Maintenance

A Nuclear Family Ensuring Our Clean Energy Future
When Marian Kellett first moved to Tri-Cities, Wash. while in her 20s, she wasn’t too sure about nuclear energy. “I was so negatively biased toward nuclear power growing up. Our landlord, a Ph.D. at Battelle Northwest, was a good guy who was clearly smart,” Kellett said. “The fact that he chose to raise a family here challenged every (negative) preconception I had about nuclear energy.”She came to realize that people who were a lot more knowledgeable than she was on the subject were quite comfortable with nuclear energy.Laura Pickard and her mother, Marian Kellett“It was a clarifying moment, and I started to learn more about nuclear instead of just giving in to what I knew from movies and the press.”Good thing for Marian. That change in perspective led to a nearly 26 year career at Energy Northwest’s Columbia Generating Station, located 10 miles north of Richland, Wash. She started as a temporary clerk seeking a stable working environment and an opportunity to advance i

US reactor closures raise urgency of new decommissioning rules
Challenging power market conditions have prompted a surge in early plant closure announcements in recent months. Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) said it will close its 484 MW Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant in Nebraska by the end of 2016 and Exelon has decided to retire its 1.1 GW Clinton and 1.9 GW Quad Cities facilities in Illinois, in 2017 and 2018. California's Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) announced June 21 it would shut down its Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant by 2025.Related Content: US utilities must commit to digitization to cut operating costs by 30%Germany urged to remove nuclear decommissioning hurdles to speed closuresUK decom sector must change plant staff mindset to avoid labor shortageUK firms urged to bring new ideas, technologies to decom supply chainImage: Image Caption: Nuclear operators want new regulations which recognize lower risk profiles after a plant is permanently stopped. (Image credit: RelaxFoto.de)Channels: Decomm

5 Facts About Electricity and Summer Heat (Bumped)
The past two weeks have seen record temperatures grip the nation as a "heat dome" has descended over most of the continental U.S. While it isn't news that summer is hot, it is when the temperatures are 15-20 degrees higher than average for this time of year.But life must go on and the electricity must flow. Without the sort of reliable baseload power that nuclear energy provides, our electric grid would be in a tight spot, as grid operators would be forced to juggle intermittent source of energy (like wind and solar) with others that could be vulnerable to supply constraints (like natural gas). In California, the independent system operator recently asked consumers to conserve electricity in the face of high temperatures during a period where the supply of natural gas is constrained due to the Aliso Canyon methane leak.Put it all together and you could be looking at grid reliability being compromised, prices skyrocketing and electric utilities being forced to use dirtier and less e

Making Clouds for a Living
Donell BanksDonell Banks works at Southern Nuclear’s Plant Vogtle units 3 and 4 as a shift supervisor in Operations, but is in the process of transitioning to his newly appointed role as the daily work controls manager. He has been in the nuclear energy industry for about 11 years.I love what I do because I have the unique opportunity to help shape the direction and influence the culture for the future of nuclear power in the United States. Every single day presents a new challenge, but I wouldn't have it any other way. As a shift supervisor, I was primarily responsible for managing the development of procedures and programs to support operation of the first new nuclear units in the United States in more than 30 years. As the daily work controls manager, I will be responsible for oversight of the execution and scheduling of daily work to ensure organizational readiness to operate the new units.I envision a nuclear energy industry that leverages the technology of today to improve

US operator contracts out decom work to speed progress, prioritize consumers
While a surge in U.S. plant closures has led to calls for changes to exemption regulations for post-shutdown operations, DPC is moving ahead with the decommissioning of its LACBWR plant to optimize costs and accelerate the removal of radiological risks.Related Content: US reactor closures raise urgency of new decommissioning rulesUK told to protect supply chain skills as new build delays biteGermany upgrades technology to curb cost of fleet shutdownSweden's plant closures to hike skills demand from 2017Image: Image Caption: The LACBWR plant in 2012. (Image credit: Dairyland Power Cooperative)Channels: Decommisioning

Exelon in talks to buy Fitzpatrick plant; US, Canada seek closer supply ties
Exelon eyes takeover of Fitzpatrick plant after New York State pledges support Exelon has entered into discussions with Entergy Corporation to buy the 852 MW Fitzpatrick Nuclear Plant in New York State and the operator is preparing to invest $200 million in its Nine Mile Point and Ginna nuclear plants, following new support mechanisms published by New York's Department of Public Service.Related Content: US reactor closures raise urgency of new decommissioning rulesUS utilities must commit to digitization to cut operating costs by 30%SMR developers shrug off Brexit fears to deepen ties with UK suppliersUS utilities join forces with SMR vendors to speed developmentImage: Image Caption: Image credit: FangXiaNuoChannels: Operations & Maintenance

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