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Californian plant to close on renewables growth; EDF backs Hinkley C despite Brexit
PG&E to close Diablo Canyon by 2025 California's Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has decided to shut down its Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant by 2025 and increase investments in renewable energy and storage projects.Related Content: Sweden's plant closures to hike skills demand from 2017UK told to protect supply chain skills as new build delays biteUK firms await Hinkley C finance triggers to enter nuclear marketImage: Image Caption: Rising wind and solar capacity is pressurising plant margins in U.S. and Europe. (Image credit: deliormanli)Channels: Decommisioning

Social engineering seen as rising cyber threat to nuclear industry
Nuclear plant operators have agreed to improve cyber security across all facilities by collaborating with national organisations and other industries to share best practices and information on prevented and detected incidents.Related Content: Industrial internet turns Big Data boom into operator profitsPlant cyber security questioned; UK SMR offer launched; US' Terrapower to develop fast reactor with ChinaImage: Image Caption: (Image credit: Jrwasserman)Channels: Operations & Maintenance

Why Nuclear Cooperation with “Non-Nuclear” Norway is Important for U.S. Industry
Ted JonesThe following is a guest post by Ted Jones, Director of International Supplier Relations for NEI.This week, the U.S. Congress received for review a renewal agreement for nuclear energy cooperation with Norway. When the pact comes into force, it will restore nuclear cooperation that lapsed when the original agreement expired in July 2014. Commonly known as a Section 123 agreement after the part of the Atomic Energy Act that governs international nuclear energy cooperation, a bilateral nuclear cooperation agreement secures nonproliferation guarantees and provides a framework for nuclear energy commerce. Given that Norway has no plans to operate a commercial nuclear power plant, some may ask, “What is the importance of Norway to the U.S. nuclear industry?” The answer lies 75 miles southeast of Oslo in the town of Halden, where the United States helped to build a 20 megawatt test reactor in 1958. Now supported by 19 member countries and partly financed by the OECD, the Ha

Learning the Wrong Lessons from the Diablo Canyon Closure
Diablo CanyonPacific Gas & Electric Co. made national news when it announced last week that it will operate the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant through its original license period and then retire the facility in the mid-2020s. Some parties are suggesting—wrongly—that the agreement is a blueprint for nuclear plant retirements in other states. Don't buy that argument. To be clear: The convergence of policies and events that drove the Diablo Canyon agreement is not desirable and should not be replicated. California residents now confront a risky experiment based on an unbalanced energy future. As NEI's Revis James wrote yesterday at Real Clear Energy:The anti-nuclear lobby says that a future primarily powered by renewable sources of energy is upon us. We’ve done the math, and the equation doesn’t balance. Rather, this seems more like a flawed experiment that will put greater pressure on consumers through higher electricity prices while increasing, not decreasing, CO2

Moltex Energy sees UK, Canada SMR licensing as springboard to Asia
The developer is participating in the U.K.'s SMR design competition and has opened parallel pre-licensing discussions with the Canadian regulator as it looks to speed the licensing of its Stable Salt Reactor (SSR) design. Moltex Energy is to seek fresh funding to “expand substantially over the next six to 12 months,” O'Sullivan told Nuclear Energy Insider.Related Content: US operator seeks swift SMR licensing to optimize low-carbon outputTerrestrial CEO: Plant costs of $40-$50/MWh set to displace fossil fuelsUS utilities join forces with SMR vendors to speed developmentNuScale targets SMR cost below $90/MWh on wider deploymentImage: Image Caption: China is to cut power sector emissions and is developing SMR plants. (Image credit: Vitaly Edush)Channels: Small Modular Reactors

Introducing “Generation Swipe”: Nuclear’s Newest Interns
The following is a guest post by Elizabeth McAndrew-Benavides, senior manager of strategic workforce planning. Elizabeth McAndrew-BenavidesInterns this summer will deliver more to the office than their energetic personalities, they will be bringing a new generation into the workforce. This year’s crop of interns includes the first wave of new post-Millennials who were born between the late 1990s through the 2010s. As we will see, these college students have grown up with a significant amount of their socialization being online and in a world where their schools are not always safe. It is now time for companies to understand what this new group of employees will bring to the table.This generation after the Millennials has yet to be named, but I like to think of them as Generation Swipe. From an early age, these young adults were able to “swipe a finger” and create Minecraft worlds. They swipe to watch videos and they swipe to chat with grandma.We know less about this new gene

Belgian nuclear operator to cut O&M costs by 5% by 2018
Engie, formerly GDF Suez, launched in June a short term program to implement U.S. AP 913 performance standards at Electrabel’s seven Belgian nuclear power plants in order to improve equipment reliability and reduce maintenance costs. The plants have a combined capacity of 5.9 GW, representing around half of Belgium's generation capacity.Related Content: European operator implements new performance tools to maximize lifespansUS utilities must commit to digitization to cut operating costs by 30%Image: Image Caption: Image credit: branexChannels: Operations & Maintenance

The ROP, Clear Thinking & All Things Nuclear
"Be the change that you wish to see in the world."  Mahatma GandhiChange has come fast and hard to the nuclear industry, indeed to the entire energy sector.  We are in a race to adapt to new realities: abundant, cheap natural gas; little or no growth in electricity demand; mixed signals about the importance of controlling carbon emissions; and market rules tied to the old world order that inadequately reward 24-7 reliability, fuel supply diversity, and carbon-free baseload generation.  In the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi, the U.S. nuclear industry is pursuing a thoughtful and ambitious program to simplify how we work together to ensure safety and reliability remain the clear and constant focus of our efforts.  It is inspiring to see how teams of experts from across the industry are, through the Delivering the Nuclear Promise initiative, sharing experience, good ideas and best practices to identify better ways to accomplish the myriad tasks required to maintain

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