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UK to take ‘golden share’ in new nuclear plants; Terrestrial eyes SMR in Idaho
UK approves EDF's Hinkley project with ownership restrictions The UK government has approved EDF's 3.2 GW Hinkley point C nuclear power project with new conditions which allow it to block the sale of EDF's controlling stake in the plant, the government announced September 15. Shortly after becoming UK Prime Minister, Theresa May decided in July to review the "component parts" of the Hinkley point C EPR project after EDF's board approved the project.Related Content: UK told to protect supply chain skills as new build delays biteOpinion: UK's first new reactor could be an SMRSouth Africa analyzes new build bids as global markets biteTerrestrial CEO: Plant costs of $40-$50/MWh set to displace fossil fuelsImage: Image Caption: The UK government wants more control over the ownership of nuclear plants, reportedly due to national security concerns. (Image credit: BrianAJackson)Channels: New Build

US utility’s deferred reactor clean-up shows cost pressure on early closures
The 43-year-old Fort Calhoun PWR plant in Nebraska has a license to operate until 2033 but the plant is among a number of U.S. reactors which are to be closed earlier than planned amid tough power market conditions and a lack of state support. The plant, owned by OPPD and operated by Exelon Generation, is to be shut down October 24.Related Content: US operators urged to decommission immediately to prevent cost hikesNew York carbon credits keep FitzPatrick online; Utah selects site for first SMRUS operator contracts out decom work to speed progress, prioritize consumersUS reactor closures raise urgency of new decommissioning rulesImage: Image Caption: Omaha utility OPPD is closing its Fort Calhoun plant in Nebraska due to low power prices. (Image credit: OPPD)Channels: Decommisioning

Idaho government predicts economic boom from first SMR
Power cooperative Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) revealed last month a preferred 35-acre site within the U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory (INL) on which NuScale will build the U.S.' first commercial SMR. NuScale is to deliver the 600 MW Pressurized Water Plant to UAMPS by 2024-2025 and the decision to choose a plot near Idaho Falls represents a significant boost to the city’s economy.Related Content: Rolls-Royce plans UK funding surge upon SMR design approvalSMR developers shrug off Brexit fears to deepen ties with UK suppliersUS utilities join forces with SMR vendors to speed developmentNuScale targets SMR cost below $90/MWh on wider deploymentImage: Image Caption: The material and fuels complex is one of many facilities on the 570,000-acre Idaho National Laboratory site. (Image credit: INL)Channels: Small Modular Reactors

How Nuclear Energy Can Help Count the Cost of Carbon
Matt WaldThe following is a guest post from Matt Wald, senior director of policy analysis and strategic planning at NEI. Follow Matt on Twitter at @MattLWald.A Federal appeals court recently ruled against companies that make commercial refrigerators in a case involving energy efficiency standards. What does this have to do with nuclear power? Potentially, a lot. The Federal government’s goal is to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, which the Intergovernmental Climate on Climate Change and the Environmental Protection Agency have found are destabilizing the climate. But the United States does not have a tax on carbon, or even an overall limit on emissions. This gap in regulations is one reason that nuclear power plants usually do not get credit for the fact that their production is carbon-free. But the government does have an emerging tool, called the "Social Cost of Carbon." That cost, determined jointly by several federal agencies, puts a dollar number on the damage caused by an

US operators urged to decommission immediately to prevent cost hikes
There are currently 17 U.S. nuclear power plants being decommissioned and this will soon increase following a recent spate of plant closure announcements due to sustained low power prices.Related Content: US operator contracts out decom work to speed progress, prioritize consumersUS reactor closures raise urgency of new decommissioning rulesCalifornian plant to close on renewables growth; EDF backs Hinkley C despite BrexitImage: Image Caption: Current plant staff are best placed to manage decommissioning operations due to their intricate plant knowledge. (Image credit: Andrei Merkulov)Channels: Decommisioning

Innovating to Deliver the Nuclear Promise
The following was written by Maya Chandrashekhar, project manager for Nuclear Steam Supply Systems Engineering at AREVA Inc, for the Powered by Our People promotion. She has been with AREVA and the nuclear industry since 2007.Maya ChandrashekharWhat you do and why you enjoy doing it?As a project manager, my main goal is to help our customers solve their engineering problems expeditiously, economically and in the safest manner. I work with AREVA’s engineering, procurement and operations teams, customers’ engineering teams, our suppliers and partners. The synergies and teamwork evolving on these projects are always unique and it is wonderful to see different parties from different companies and different countries work in unison towards fulfilling the nuclear promise. I enjoy the partnerships, collaboration, the unpredictable day to day challenges and anecdotal stories each of these projects bring with them.What is your vision for the future of nuclear in America? The demand for

What the Colonial Pipeline Teaches Us About Fuel Diversity
Matt WaldThe following is a guest post from Matt Wald, senior director of policy analysis and strategic planning at NEI. Follow Matt on Twitter at @MattLWald.Six southern governors have declared states of emergency in the last few days, because a gasoline pipeline sprung a leak near Birmingham, Alabama. The pipeline, which runs from East Texas to New Jersey, normally carries 50 million gallons a day, after the leak was discovered on September 9, some gas stations have run dry and others have long lines. Gas prices have surged, and it’s not clear when the pipeline will re-open.So what is the lesson for those six states (Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee and Virginia) and the rest of us?It’s that hand-to-mouth energy systems will intermittently face disruption. Pipeline ruptures are not unusual. They can be caused by corrosion, or because floods washed away the soil under them, or because something was wrong with the steel before it was installed. Sometimes the pipe was hit

Giving Back to the Community With Nuclear Energy
I started my career at Entergy’s Palisades Nuclear Power Plant in Southwest Michigan 11 years ago as a security officer. After seven years, I moved on to become a supervisor of Document Control and Records Management. Now, I’m a senior emergency planner, thanks to the encouragement of my nuclear mentor, Otto Gustafson. In emergency planning, I’m proud to be on the front lines to ensure the safety of my plant and community. I help organize and facilitate our emergency response organization. I enjoy my job because it allows me to help Palisades be prepared for emergency situations. I know that my coworkers have the knowledge and procedures to secure the plant and keep the community safe, in the case of an emergency. My position challenges me in ways I never dreamed of prior to joining emergency planning and I learn new things every day.My vision for the future of nuclear is continuing to provide clean energy to my community and state. Nuclear offers great benefits to my community,

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