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Atomic Energy - FOR

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Atomic Energy - AGAINST

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Critical moment for Beloyarsk 4 fast-neutron reactor
On Jul 3, 2014 Rosenergoatom engineers brought to criticality Beloyarsk 4 - a 789 MWe fast-neutron reactor of the BN-800 design - while its parent Rosatom honoured the operators who commissioned the 5 MWe Obinsk reactor on the same day in 1954.In January of this year, Rosenergoatom announced that after a lengthy construction period, engineers were initially preparing for criticality in April 2014.The unit will be a 789 MWe fast-neutron reactor of the BN-800 design, fuelled by a mix of uranium and plutonium oxides arranged to produce new fuel material as it burns. The electricity will go to the central Sverdlovsk region of Russia, where regional governor Yevgeny Kuyzashev said it would support industrial investment, according to a company news statement.The 'physical launch' of the new reactor was permitted by safety regulator Rostekhnadzor on 26 December. This entitled project leader AtomEnergoProekt (Saint Petersburg branch) to firstly load nuclear fuel and begin tests of safety syste

Russia targets 2030 for BN-1200
Russia plans to start construction of three BN-1200 sodium-cooled fast neutron reactors before 2030, the director general of Rosenergoatom, Evgeny Romanov, said on 21 July.Russian nuclear engineering company OKBM Afrikantov is developing a BN-1200 reactor as a next step towards future reactor designs, commonly known as Generation IV."We associate fast reactors with our strategic goal of a closed nuclear fuel cycle," Romanov said. The first of these units will be located at the Beloyarsk nuclear power plant in Zarechny, in the Urals, he said.Last month, Rosenergoatom engineers brought to criticality Beloyarsk 4 - a 789 MWe fast-neutron reactor of the BN-800 design. A subsidiary of Rosatom, Rosenergoatom operates all of Russia's civilian nuclear power plants.Power units with BN reactors have a "unique competitive advantage" and the BN-800 will be able to operate for about 100 years, Romanov said.The BN-1200 reactor for Beloyarsk will generate 1220 MWe and have a 60-year life. OKBM Afrika

SPP1 handover: accelerating the Sellafield clean-up?
Précis:  Sellafield in Cumbria has long been regarded as the most complex and contaminated nuclear site in the UK. We look at how a sludge packaging plant is tackling one of the most hazardous clean-up tasks on site and making Sellafield ‘safer sooner’. The ageing facility presents a significant decommissioning challenge with programme timescales stretching out for more than 100 years. But the recent completion and handover of a new £240m Sludge Packaging Plant (SPP1) is being described as a major milestone.  Image:  Primary Event:  Nuclear Decommissioning and Used Fuel Strategy Summit, USA Premium`:  No Image Caption:  PFSP Drum Filling Plant sludge contain

NEI's Lipman Testifies on Future of International Civilian Nuclear Cooperation
Dan LipmanThe following is a guest post from Dan Lipman, Executive Director, Policy Development and Supplier Programs at the Nuclear Energy Institute. Prior to his stint at NEI, Dan was responsible for managing the global deployment of new power plants at Westinghouse. While there, he led new plant projects in Korea and the deployment of 10 new AP1000 EPC contracts in China and the U.S. Later this morning, I will be testifying before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on The Future of International Civilian Nuclear Cooperation. Having spent several decades around the world working for Westinghouse, I've seen first-hand how international nuclear commerce can help support American influence abroad as well as create jobs and economic growth back home. NEI believes that the global expansion of nuclear energy infrastructure provides the United States a unique opportunity to meet several national imperatives at the same time:  (1) increasing U.S. influence over

EU prepares for eclectic and politically balanced fuel supply chain
Précis:  Some European Union (EU) member states are concerned that their nuclear fuel supply chain is not diverse enough, which in theory could make them less resilient to market changes, and political movements. We look at how this could impact future supply agreements. Westinghouse are the leading supplier of nuclear fuel in the European market, and the only fuel manufacturer that supplies for the different types of nuclear reactors; for example, PWRs, BWRs, VVERs and AGRs. The company provides fuel for 65 reactors across Europe, of which only two of those are not based in EU member state countries. EU member states, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary and Slovakia are all examples of how some countries are completely reliant on one source of nuclear fuel supply. Big power, big dependence Image:  Primary Event: 

Facts on the Spent Fuel Pool at Fukushima Daiichi Unit 5
Tom KauffmanLast night, Fox News picked up a report from Russia Today concerning a leak in the spent fuel pool at Fukushima Daiichi Unit Five.Fukushima operator Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) was forced to switch off the cooling system at Reactor Unit 5, after engineers discovered it had been leaking water. If the system is not repaired within the next nine days, temperatures are expected to soar, Russian news site RT reported Sunday.As our readers might recall, our go to guy on Fukushima and spent fuel is Tom Kauffman, a former reactor operator from Three Mile Island. Here's what he wrote to me after I shared the Fox News link with him: The used fuel has cooled to the point that even if all the water was lost, radiation levels would increase due to a loss of shielding, but there’s no way the fuel produces enough heat to damage itself let alone incinerate. A good rule of thumb: Even in a densely packed fuel pool, 107 days after fresh used fuel is placed in the pool, t

Minimising the gap between old and new reactors
Précis:  Around one third of European nuclear reactors today are over 20 years old, and by 2015, more than half of them will be over 40 years old. In Europe, where 46 of 151 reactors are now over their designed lifetime, regulators and utilities are facing increasing challenges related to ageing. Although investing in safety upgrades is costly, the price is higher when ageing problems affect electricity supply, lead to an accident, or impact the chances of extending a plant’s lifetime.While upgrading the safety of all reactors to the same level of new reactors is impossible, new innovations in inspection technologies are helping minimize this gap. Image:  Primary Event:  2nd Annunal Nuclear Long Term Operations & Ageing Management Europe Premium`: 

Garoña: the plant that never quits
Précis:  Just when it looked like Spain’s Santa María de Garoña plant was headed safely towards decommissioning, the owners have put forward a plan to get it back on its feet. Santa María de Garoña is the nuclear power plant that refuses to die. Even after being unplugged from the grid, switched off and officially closed for good, it looks like there might be life yet in the plant, if its owners get their way. In recent weeks, Garoña’s operator Nuclenor, a joint venture between the Spanish utilities Endesa and Iberdrola, applied to reopen the plant with a licence to 2031 even though it was powered down in December 2012 and formally closed for decommissioning in July 2013. Image:  Primary Event:  Nuclear Supply Chain Conference, Europe Premium`:&nbs

Being a Nuclear Engineer at AREVA
Abbey DonahueThe following post was created by Abbey Donahue for NEI’s Powered by Our People promotion. Powered by Our People is part of NEI’s campaign called Future of Energy, which NEI launched earlier this year. This promotion aims to communicate innovation in our nation’s nuclear facilities—in the voices of their workforces. For more on this promotion, take a look at the featured content on our website and follow the #futureofenergy tag across our digital channels.Abbey is a Design Project Engineer for Areva TN and has worked in the nuclear industry for five years. Abby is also the professional development chair of the North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NAYGN). Follow her on Twitter, @chatteyabbey.“What do you do?” Like many places, in Washington, D.C., it’s a question that comes up in just about every conversation. “I’m an engineer at a nuclear energy company,” I reply. The most frequent reaction is an “Oh” that varies in i

Russia forms biggest design company
Atomenergoprom has merged two of its Saint Petersburg subsidiaries to form the "biggest design company in the nuclear industry".The All-Russia Science Research and Design Institute of Power Engineering Technology (VNIPIET) and Saint-Petersburg Atomenergoproekt (SPbAEP) have joined to form a new company called Atomproekt, VNIPIET said on 2 July.The new company "is capable of the integrated design of nuclear facilities, and the research and development of nuclear power technologies of the new generation," VNIPIET said.World Nuclear News

Standing for Energy
We Stand for Energy is a very promising attempt to link energy and electricity advocates, professionals, students and other interested parties into a social network centered around energy policy. Along with the web site, there is a Facebook page and Twitter (@WeStand4Energy) presence. This is the list of interests: We’re Americans from all walks of life who believe our nation’s energy policies MUST: Help support and create local jobs Keep our local communities and economy growing Spur the development of new, innovative technologies Ensure electricity remains reliable, affordable, and increasingly clean Provide a secure energy future for everyone Protect consumers and ensure everyone is treated fairly These are clearly meant as a starting point and will likely develop over time as it become clearer where the members’ interests lie. Obviously, it would be good to establish nuclear energy as having a valid claim on those statements, and a little less obv

Project vision
A recent software package from NIAEP-ASE aims to unite construction project design and scheduleElectrical utilities have come to plan and organize work and capital expenditure in a nuclear power plant in terms of the plant's entire life cycle. This comprehensive approach extends to the creation of a digital model of all the processes and facilities. At the same time, it has become evident that every stage of a nuclear power plant's life cycle requires different software solutions: one for design and construction, and a separate software tool for calendar network scheduling. There is in addition a huge amount of data related to the facility.To overcome hurdles between different software packages and to strengthen its position in the global market, Russian state nuclear power plant EPC organization NIAEP-ASE has been developing and actively implementing an innovative project management system for the construction of complex engineering facilities called Multi-D.The Multi-D technology, wh

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