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TMI Cancer Study: Radiation, Health and Questionable Claims
Researchers at the Penn State College of Medicine recently published a study claiming that analysis of thyroid tumors showed tissue differences, based on where the patient lived. People who lived near Three Mile Island at the time of the 1979 accident had tumors more likely to have come from radiation exposure than people who developed thyroid cancer while living elsewhere, according to the researchers.Science is advanced by experts who publish new findings, and readers who then evaluate the conclusions and how they fit into the existing body of knowledge. We welcome all contributions to knowledge. But scientific studies should be read with care, so their claims can be understood, and so we can determine how the findings fit with what was previously understood. And these findings don’t fit.Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating StationDespite what a reader might assume from a news headline, this paper does not assert that Three Mile Island is the cause of any cancers. It goes

Holtec builds on first-of-a-kind learnings in race to license US storage facility
In April, Holtec started the second phase of a CISF licensing program which would make it the first company to store all canisters types currently used at U.S. plants. Holtec and Waste Control Services (WCS) are competing to build the U.S.’ first CISF facility, ahead of a proposed state-owned permanent repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada.Related Content: World's first waste repository build contracts confirm cost, schedule targetsNew reactor ownership models set to cut decommissioning costsCalifornia's $4 billion SONGS project set to test decom efficiency gainsUS waste facility developer acts on local impact queries to avoid delaysTexas waste storage project targets high yield stranded fuel for initial licenseImage: Image Caption: U.S. nuclear plant sites currently host around 78,620 metric tons of used fuel. (Image credit: Allkindza)Channels: Waste ManagementDecommisioning

Nuclear Is a Long-Term Investment for Ohio that Will Pay Big
With 50 different state legislative calendars, more than half of them adjourn by June, and those still in session throughout the year usually take a recess in the summer. So springtime is prime time for state legislative activity. In the next few weeks, legislatures are hosting hearings and calling for votes on bills that have been battered back and forth in the capital halls.On Tuesday, The Ohio Public Utilities Committee hosted its third round of hearings on the Zero Emissions Nuclear Resources Program, House Bill 178, and NEI’s Maria Korsnick testified before a jam-packed room of legislators.Davis-Besse Nuclear Power StationWashingtonians parachuting into state debates can be a tricky platform, but in this case, Maria’s remarks provided national perspective that put the Ohio conundrum into context. At the heart of this debate is the impact nuclear plants have on local jobs and the local economy, and that nuclear assets should be viewed as “long-term investments” fo

Europe, China strengthen energy ties after US exits climate pact; Canada calls for SMR proposals
EU, China sign energy cooperation agreements after Trump withdraws US from climate pact The European Union (EU) and China have reaffirmed their commitment to implementing the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change after President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the accord. The U.S. will cease implementation of the global agreement "and the draconian financial and economic burdens the agreement imposes on our country," Trump said in a statement June 1.Related Content: BP raises 2035 nuclear forecast; China to surpass US capacity by 2026 US operators identify $650 million savings; Exelon partners UK new build projectNRC finalizes advanced reactor action plan to optimize tight resourcesOntario eyes Pan-Canadian SMR fleet to fill 2030s supply gapImage: Image Caption: President Trump has suggested the U.S. could negotiate a new international climate agreement but global support for the Paris accord remains strong. (Image credit: AndrewSoundarajan)Channels: Small Modula

Why America Needs the MOX Facility
If Isaiah had been a nuclear engineer, he’d have loved this project. And the Trump Administration should too, despite the proposal to eliminate it in the FY 2018 budget.The project is a massive factory near Aiken, S.C., that will take plutonium from the government’s arsenal and turn it into fuel for civilian power reactors. The plutonium, made by the United States during the Cold War in a competition with the Soviet Union, is now surplus, and the United States and the Russian Federation jointly agreed to reduce their stocks, to reduce the chance of its use in weapons. Over two thousand construction workers, technicians and engineers are at work to enable the transformation. Carrying Isaiah’s “swords into plowshares” vision into the nuclear field did not originate with plutonium. In 1993, the United States and Russia began a 20-year program to take weapons-grade uranium out of the Russian inventory, dilute it to levels appropriate for civilian power plants, and then use it to

Exelon to shut Three Mile Island plant in 2019; Switzerland votes to exit nuclear power
Exelon to close Three Mile Island plant unless state provides support Exelon plans to retire its 852 MW Three Mile Island Generating Station (TMI) in Pennsylvania in September 2019 unless the government implements new policies to support the plant, the company said in a statement May 30.Related Content: New reactor ownership models set to cut decommissioning costsCalifornia's $4 billion SONGS project set to test decom efficiency gainsOperators told to plan shutdowns three years ahead, focus on laborFrench presidential favorite pins reactor closures to renewables growthGerman firms apply data-driven reactor dismantling amid mounting closures Image: Image Caption: The Three Mile Island plant in Pennsylvania started commercial operations in 1974. (Image credit: DoE)Channels: New BuildDecommisioning

German utility warns of ‘short’ decommissioning services market from 2020
Europe is set to see decommissioning activity rise sharply in the coming years as ageing fleets and energy policy shifts combine with stubbornly-low wholesale power prices. By 2020, some 150 European reactors will have reached a 40-year lifespan. Energy policies favoring renewable energy and national nuclear phase-out initiatives have put pressure on wholesale prices and accelerated reactor closure plans.Related Content: French presidential favorite pins reactor closures to renewables growthGerman firms apply data-driven reactor dismantling amid mounting closures New reactor ownership models set to cut decommissioning costsCalifornia's $4 billion SONGS project set to test decom efficiency gainsOECD expands decommissioning cost benchmarks ahead of closure surgeImage: Image Caption: ENBW has started decommissioning work at its Neckarwestheim (above) and Phillipsburg plants. (Image credit: ENBW)Channels: Waste ManagementSupply ChainDecommisioning

Why #NEA17 Is at the Intersection of Nuclear’s Present and Future
Nuclear power is working for America. On May 22, hundreds of engineers, scientists, plant operators, entrepreneurs and students will gather in Scottsdale, at the annual Nuclear Energy Assembly, to talk about the multiple benefits that our technology provides, and the challenges and opportunities ahead.In preparation, NEI's Matt Wald sat down recently with Lenka Kollar, the director of business strategy at NuScale Power, the company that submitted the first application for design certification of a small modular reactor. Lenka will be a panelist on the first day of the conference.NuScale is one of several companies working on small modular reactors, reactors that can be built in a factory and then shipped by barge, rail or truck to sites around the country or the world. It’s not quite plug-and-play, but it’s closer to it than anything the nuclear industry has done so far. NuScale is further down the path to deployment than others; the Nuclear Regulatory Commission recently accep

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