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Nikki Haley

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The 116th and current Governor of South Carolina serving since 2011.
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ENG: Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley (born January 20, 1972) is the 116th Governor of South Carolina. A member of the Republican Party, Haley represented Lexington County in the South Carolina House of Representatives from 2005 to 2010.In the 2010 South Carolina gubernatorial election, Haley was endorsed for the Republican nomination by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, former South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford, and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. On June 8, 2010, she finished first in the four-way Republican primary election with 49% of the vote, but fell short of the 50% required to avoid a runoff election. Haley won the runoff on June 22 with 65%, and proceeded to win the general election by a 51%-47% margin. Haley is the first non-white and the first woman to serve as ...
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Nikki Haley shrugs off dispute

Gov. Nikki Haley said Wednesday that she wasn't concerned about paperwork on file at the Lexington Medical Center claiming that she earned $125,000 a year in her previous job -- more than four times as much as she actually did. Haley, who was then a state House member, worked for the Medical Center before leaving that job to run for governor. On Tuesday, The State obtained an Aug. 5, 2008, job application that said she earned $125,000 a year. Her previous job with her family's clothing business paid her $22,000 in 2007. "I'm not concerned about it. It was a piece of paper that I didn't fill ...

Gov. Nikki Haley hammers Gingrich over Medicare remarks

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich might not want to count on a presidential endorsement from South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. In an interview with CNN Tuesday, Haley sharply admonished Gingrich for his comments over the weekend disparaging the Medicare plan proposed by House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan as "radical change" and "right-wing social engineering."The remarks opened a floodgate of conservative criticism, with elite opinion writers on down to Iowa voters accusing Gingrich of throwing his own party under the bus and making it easier for Democrats to attack the Ryan plan. Haley, whose ...

Has Nikki Haley doomed her promising career?

It would be hard to find two more compelling, formidable women in American public life than South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and fellow South Carolinian and philanthropist Darla Moore. They are, as we say, good ol’ girls made good. Haley, the youngest governor in the United States at 39, is a first-generation Indian American — self-made through hard work and determination. Moore, born and raised in Lake City (pop. 6,000-ish), went to Wall Street, made a fortune and returned to her home state to share her bounty, including more than $70 million to the University of South ...

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