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Nicolas Sarkozy

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Un avocat et homme d'État français. Le membre du Conseil constitutionnel français depuis 2012. | A French prominent politician.
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for2against   I heard something about Sarkozy's Jewish roots. That could be pretty fabulous. Good luck Mr. Sarkozy!, a3
for1against   Sarkozy invited the bloc's 27 leaders to a Brussels summit on Nov. 7, eight days before the international financial-crisis meeting in Washington, a3
for1against   France is to set up a new ‘strategic investment fund’ to stop French companies from falling into the hands of foreign ‘predators’, a3
for1against   French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the countries in the eurozone were working on a joint solution to the financial crisis ahead of, spetr
for0against   Sarkozy fights for the liberty of the people in Libya., DrRattensack
for0against   The U.S. dollar can no longer claim to be the only currency in the world, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, spetr
for0against   Sarkozy sees crisis as opportunity, spetr
for1against   Wann wird denn die Ehefrau und die Oma in ein Amt gepresst damit das Geld und die Macht des kleinen Diktators gefestigt wird!, SEPP
for1against   Sarkozy bringt jetzt sein Söhnchen in der Wirtschaft unter!Wieder eine Protektions Null in einer Chefetage!, SEPP
for1against   A nationwide strike by French unions over the economic crisis is a warning shot fired across the bows of President Nicolas Sarkozy rather than a sinking his government., 123

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