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The New Democratic Party of British Columbia (BC NDP) | Le Nouveau Parti démocratique de la Colombie-Britannique

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ENG: The New Democratic Party of British Columbia (BC NDP) is a social-democratic political party in British Columbia, Canada. The party currently forms the official opposition to the governing British Columbia Liberal Party following the 2009 provincial election in British Columbia. The BC NDP is the provincial arm of the New Democratic Party of Canada. Unlike other parties in Canada, where provincial and federal politics are strictly separated and members of one are not necessarily members of the other, NDP members are members of both the federal party and the provincial party. Leader: Adrian Dix President: Moe Sihota Founded: 1933 Ideology: Social democracy source FRA: Le Nouveau Parti démocratique de la Colombie-Britannique est un parti politique ...
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Dix clinches leadership of BC NDP

B.C. New Democrats have selected Adrian Dix as their new leader, embracing his agenda to reach out to disaffected voters as the key to defeating Liberal Premier Christy Clark in a provincial election that could come as early as this fall. The second-term MLA and onetime chief of staff under former NDP premier Glen Clark mapped out an agenda to raise taxes on banks and big corporations to finance social programs – an approach he said will sharply define the party from its Liberal rivals. He narrowly defeated Mike Farnworth, who had offered a more centrist vision for leadership, with ...

Four NDP MLAs, including Carole James, submit petitions ...

...to legislature to reverse arts cuts NDP Leader Carole James and three other NDP MLAs have submitted petitions in the legislature signed by constituents opposed to arts cutbacks. James, who represents Victoria-Beacon Hill, told the House yesterday that her petition was signed by 2,290 people. Stikine NDP MLA Doug Donaldson's petition had 843 signatures and Cariboo North NDP MLA Bob Simpson's petition had 224 signatures. Vancouver-West End MLA Spencer Herbert told the Straight that his petition was signed by 1,200 people. "What really impressed me in going through the names is that ...

BC NDP Rejects Ignatieff's Call

The British Columbia New Democrats are rejecting federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff call for B.C. politicians to ask Prime Minister Stephen Harper questions about national issues during his historic visit to the legislature. "Well I think Mr. Ignatieff knows those questions could be asked outside the legislature, " says B.C. NDP Leader Carole James, speaking in Victoria. Ignatieff has ridiculed Harper for shutting down Parliament in Ottawa but being willing to speak in the B.C. legislature. The Legislative Assembly in Victoria had been prorogued itself until the throne speech two days ...

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Independent investigation of Mount Polley a good first step
The B.C. Liberal decision to appoint a panel to conduct an independent investigation of the Mount Polley tailings pond failure is a good first step says New Democrat mining spokesperson Norm Macdonald. "A fully independent investigation is a good first step to restoring public confidence in our mining industry. We're glad to see this panel appointed," said Macdonald. "However, we remain concerned that the minister continues to claim his ministry is not at fault. We are also disappointed that the B.C. Liberal government continues to refuse to release documents related to this mine to the public. "All documents related to the safety of this mine and its tailing pond need to be released immediately, and as they are uncovered. We asked for the basic mine permit almost two weeks ago and haven’t received it, and we know the Olding report sat on the minister's desk for 3 years and still hasn't been released to the public. That approach isn’t going to fly this time around." Macdonald sai
B.C. Liberals hurting families with kids with special needs by dragging on school closures
The B.C. Liberals’ failure to get children back into classrooms is disproportionately hurting families of children with special needs, say B.C.’s New Democrats. “The B.C. Liberals’ failure to get a deal with teachers means students with special needs are going to suffer because they’re not in school where they belong and can’t get the support they need,” said Judy Darcy, MLA for New Westminster. “It hurts the families of these children too, who are not being provided with options for the special care their children need while schools remain closed,” said Darcy. Darcy was joined by Anne Bélanger, a local mother of a child with special needs, on Thursday to speak about how her family would be affected. Bélanger’s 8-year-old son requires a high level of care in childcare and in school. When school is in session, he has the support of an Education Assistant. In the summer, he attends full-day care where the government pays for the extra costs associated with her son
Education minister neglecting families and playing politics with education
The B.C. Liberals must focus on getting children back in school instead of making things worse by finger-pointing in media interviews, say B.C.’s New Democrats. “Instead of developing a substantive proposal for addressing class size and composition levels, Liberal Education Minister Peter Fassbender is threatening even more chaos in our education system by pointing fingers at others,” said New Democrat education spokesperson Rob Fleming. “What we need from the Liberals is leadership and solutions, not more confrontation and blame that could lead to our students being shut out of schools for even longer.” With a Sept. 2 school start date looming, Fleming said the Liberals need to finally put families first, not politics. “Just a week ago, the B.C. Liberals agreed to a media blackout over negotiations, and now the Minister of Education is violating it with inflammatory and damaging remarks,” said Fleming. In media interviews Thursday, the Minister took no responsibility for
B.C. Liberals make reckless cuts to anti-gang unit, major crimes investigators
The B.C. Liberals are recklessly cutting more than $4 million from critically important police services including major crimes investigators and an anti-gang unit say the B.C. New Democrats. “These reckless B.C. Liberal cuts will hinder law enforcement in their efforts to crack down on motorcycle gangs and other criminal gangs and leave more murders and missing persons cases unsolved,” said New Democrat public safety spokesperson Mike Farnworth. “The Liberal government claims to be concerned about gang violence and missing persons, but the truth is they are trying to walk away from both issues by removing funding.” The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit’s (CFSEU) budget is being slashed by $2.8 million, while major crimes investigation, which handles murders and missing persons cases is being slashed by $1.4 million. “We have the most unsolved cases of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in the country – and the B.C. Liberal response is to slash the budget for

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