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The New Democratic Party of British Columbia (BC NDP) | Le Nouveau Parti démocratique de la Colombie-Britannique

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ENG: The New Democratic Party of British Columbia (BC NDP) is a social-democratic political party in British Columbia, Canada. The party currently forms the official opposition to the governing British Columbia Liberal Party following the 2009 provincial election in British Columbia. The BC NDP is the provincial arm of the New Democratic Party of Canada. Unlike other parties in Canada, where provincial and federal politics are strictly separated and members of one are not necessarily members of the other, NDP members are members of both the federal party and the provincial party. Leader: Adrian Dix President: Moe Sihota Founded: 1933 Ideology: Social democracy source FRA: Le Nouveau Parti démocratique de la Colombie-Britannique est un parti politique ...
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Dix clinches leadership of BC NDP

B.C. New Democrats have selected Adrian Dix as their new leader, embracing his agenda to reach out to disaffected voters as the key to defeating Liberal Premier Christy Clark in a provincial election that could come as early as this fall. The second-term MLA and onetime chief of staff under former NDP premier Glen Clark mapped out an agenda to raise taxes on banks and big corporations to finance social programs – an approach he said will sharply define the party from its Liberal rivals. He narrowly defeated Mike Farnworth, who had offered a more centrist vision for leadership, with ...

Four NDP MLAs, including Carole James, submit petitions ...

...to legislature to reverse arts cuts NDP Leader Carole James and three other NDP MLAs have submitted petitions in the legislature signed by constituents opposed to arts cutbacks. James, who represents Victoria-Beacon Hill, told the House yesterday that her petition was signed by 2,290 people. Stikine NDP MLA Doug Donaldson's petition had 843 signatures and Cariboo North NDP MLA Bob Simpson's petition had 224 signatures. Vancouver-West End MLA Spencer Herbert told the Straight that his petition was signed by 1,200 people. "What really impressed me in going through the names is that ...

BC NDP Rejects Ignatieff's Call

The British Columbia New Democrats are rejecting federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff call for B.C. politicians to ask Prime Minister Stephen Harper questions about national issues during his historic visit to the legislature. "Well I think Mr. Ignatieff knows those questions could be asked outside the legislature, " says B.C. NDP Leader Carole James, speaking in Victoria. Ignatieff has ridiculed Harper for shutting down Parliament in Ottawa but being willing to speak in the B.C. legislature. The Legislative Assembly in Victoria had been prorogued itself until the throne speech two days ...

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Random acts of education funding all about Christy Clark’s bad headlines
VICTORIA – Christy Clark’s eleventh-hour education funding isn’t about kids, it’s about bad headlines, say the New Democrats. “The premier was content to underfund education for years, forcing school districts into heartbreaking and disruptive decisions to close schools and cancel programs,” said New Democrat education spokesperson Rob Fleming. “Now we’re in an election year, and Christy Clark is desperate to get rid of her bad headlines. That’s why she and her ministers are popping up across the province with random acts of education funding.” Yesterday, the B.C. Liberals announced more emergency funding, this time for the school bus programs under threat in many districts. “Just five months ago, Christy Clark’s education ministry saw school bus services as expendable. In fact, they sent out guidelines to school boards that recommended cutting them to balance their budgets,” said Fleming. “Now, after an uproar from parents across the province, they’ve rus
Let BC camp: John Horgan fighting to restore affordable access to provincial parks
KELOWNA – As families struggle to afford the high cost of living under the Christy Clark government, rising campground fees in B.C. Parks threaten one of the last options for affordable family vacations, says New Democrat Leader John Horgan. “Christy Clark raised B.C. Parks camping fees yet again this year, and families have never had so much trouble booking a spot for a vacation,” said Horgan, speaking from Okanagan Lake Provincial Park, where camping fees went up more than 16 percent just last year. “People lucky enough to find a campsite here at Okanagan Lake are being forced to pay even more money to experience one of the jewels in our provincial campground system this year. The Christy Clark government is making it harder and harder to enjoy the beautiful campgrounds British Columbians have already paid for with their taxes, and I say it’s time to let B.C. camp,” Horgan said. “After a decade and a half of rising costs and stagnant wages under the B.C. Liberal governm
NDP slams ferry affordability as BC Ferries AGM gets under way
VANCOUVER – Christy Clark’s B.C. Liberal government has made ferries unaffordable for coastal British Columbians, said New Democrat spokesperson on ferries Claire Trevena. “British Columbians are being squeezed by the Christy Clark government every which way they turn. The B.C. Ferries annual report shows that a decade of fare hikes and mismanagement has left coastal residents footing the bill to keep our province’s ferry system afloat,” said Trevena. Trevena is attending the B.C. Ferries Annual General Meeting in Vancouver where the company’s annual report was formally tabled. “It was quite incredible to listen to the head of B.C. Ferries stand up and say in his speech that fare affordability is important, considering the devastating fare hikes British Columbians have faced in the last decade under this government,” said Trevena. “The B.C. Liberals are sending British Columbians a bigger bill for the vital services they rely on. It’s not just ferries: people are fa
Christy Clark abandons BC’s position as climate leader
VICTORIA – Taking meaningful action on climate change to protect British Columbia’s environment and the economy from its effects doesn’t matter to Christy Clark, says New Democrat environment spokesperson George Heyman. “She has announced a plan that will do less, more slowly than British Columbia’s formerly world-leading strategy,” said Heyman, “Christy Clark went to the Paris climate change negotiations with a personal videographer but as soon as the photo opportunity passed, so did her interest.” “The premier set up a very promising Climate Leadership Team, staffed with serious people who made serious recommendations on how she could get back on track, then ignored all of their most important recommendations. This is not climate leadership. This is stalling on taking real action against climate change.” Heyman pointed out that the government has missed two emissions reduction targets already, and emissions have actually risen since Clark became premier. Christy C

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