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National Party of Western Australia

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The National Party of Western Australia is a political party in Western Australia.
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ENG: The National Party of Western Australia is a political party in Western Australia. It is affiliated with the National Party of Australia but maintains a separate structure and identity. Nationals WA candidate Tony Crook defeated Liberal Party incumbent Wilson Tuckey in the lower house seat of O'Connor at the 2010 federal election, where a four-seat deficit for both sides saw the first hung parliament since the 1940 federal election. Crook previously sat on the crossbench after the election; he and his party remained open to negotiations by both sides on the formation of the 2010 federal government. In April 2012, however, he moved from the crossbench to sit with the Nationals. His main platform is pro-Royalties for Regions policy and anti-Mineral Resource Rent Tax. Since his ...
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Opposition Leader accused of giving Nationals too much say

TONY Abbott has faced attack from his own Liberal Party MPs for giving the Nationals too much influence, amid growing Coalition fears that Labor's campaign to paint him as too negative is resounding with voters. At a meeting of Liberal MPs in Canberra yesterday, the Opposition Leader was also attacked for backing Labor's plan to lift compulsory superannuation contributions, a decision he made without consulting his shadow cabinet or back bench. Despite facing an angry grilling from several MPs, Mr Abbott slapped down his critics, reasserted his leadership rights and called for unity. Mr ...

Grylls misled parliament: WA opposition

The West Australian opposition has accused National Party leader Brendon Grylls of misleading parliament for not disclosing he had gone on a helicopter joy-ride with mining magnate Clive Palmer. For the past two weeks, the opposition's state development spokesman Mark McGowan has pursued Mr Grylls in parliament over his relationship with the mining billionaire and National Party donor. At the centre of the row is whether Mr Grylls had been influenced by Mr Palmer to lift a $45 million environmental bond for his Balmoral South project in the Pilbara. On Tuesday, Mr Grylls was asked in ...

WA Nats accused of 'sustained' rorting

The West Australian National party has been accused of "significant and sustained" rorting by using money from a local government fund to pork barrel its own seats. On Tuesday, opposition regional development spokesman Mark McGowan claimed money from the $100 million Country Local Government Fund was being spent disproportionately in National Party seats. Mr McGowan said analysis by his party had found more than half of the fund was being spent in the five National Party-held electorates. Meanwhile, only $14.9 million was spent in the Liberal party's six seats and $17.3 million in ...

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