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The National Party of Australia is an Australian political party.
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ENG: The National Party of Australia is an Australian political party. Traditionally representing graziers, farmers and rural voters generally, it began as the Australian Country Party, and then adopted the name the National Country Party in 1975. The party's name was changed to the National Party of Australia in 1982. The party is commonly referred to as "The Nationals". Federally, in New South Wales, and to an extent Victoria and historically in Western Australia, it has generally been the minor party in a centre-right Coalition with the Liberal Party of Australia in government. In Opposition it has worked in formal Coalition or separately, but generally in co-operation with the Liberal Party and its predecessor, the United Australia Party. It was the major Coalition party in ...
for33against   I clearly support it. National Party of Australia (The Nationals) is quite good party. For instance, because it ... (if I wanted to write why it is good, I wrote it here), positive
for32against   I am strongly opposed. National Party of Australia (The Nationals) is quite bad choice. For instance because it ... (if I wanted to write why it is bad, I wrote it here), negative
for3against   The Nationals have betrayed country and regional Australia. They are in the pockets of big business and fossil fuel lobbyists, allan
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NSW Regional Dentistry Scholarship

Senator John Williams - Applications are now open for the 2012 NSW Regional Dentistry Scholarship which is sponsored by the Nationals Senator for New South Wales John Williams. Senator Williams has committed to assist a student from regional NSW who is enrolled in the first year of their dentistry degree in 2012. The scholarship is valued at $4,800. Senator Williams commenced the scholarship in conjunction with the National Rural Health Alliance in 2010 as a way of getting more dentists into regional areas. Read more: The Nationals (06-December-2011)

Nationals let a chance to talk to Labor pass them by

They might get more for country folk with the ALP than with the Liberals. NOW that power has slipped through the fingers of the Coalition, it is an opportune time to question the role of the National Party in the events of the past two weeks. Given that Labor's compact with two country independents is based on a range of measures to address rural issues, the question arises as to why Nationals leader Warren Truss and his colleagues were prepared to sit idly by and allow this to occur in their natural constituency. Indeed, it raises the question of why they didn't take the initiative and ...

Nationals may move as jumps racing gets reprieve

JUMPS racing in Victoria will be allowed to continue after agreement was reached over certain recommendations — angering the RSPCA.In a surprise move, Racing Victoria Ltd sounded out Warrnambool Racing Club about hosting the Grand National Hurdle and GN Steeplechase, traditionally run at Flemington.WRC chief executive Andrew Pomeroy confirmed late yesterday that he had been approached by RVL chief executive Rob Hines concerning a possible transfer of the Nationals.Pomeroy said Hines approached him and Victoria Racing Club representatives during an adjournment at the RVL annual meeting, ...

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