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Muhammad Hosni Mubarak

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سياسي المصري السابق، زعيم وقائد الجيش. | A former Egyptian politician, leader and military commander.
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انقر فوق، إذا كنت لا تؤيد هذا المرشح. | Click, if you do not support Muhammad Hosni Mubarak. Say why.

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ARA: محمد حسني السيد مبارك وشهرته حسني مبارك (ولد في 4 مايو 1928) الرئيس الرابع لجمهورية مصر العربية من 14 أكتوبر 1981، حتى أجبر على التنحي في 11 فبراير 2011. تقلد الحكم في مصر رئيسًا للجمهورية وقائدًا أعلى للقوات المسلحة المصرية ورئيسًا الحزب الوطني الديمقراطي بعد اغتيال الرئيس أنور السادات في 6 أكتوبر 1981. تعتبر فترة حكمه (حتى تنحيه عام 2011) رابع أطول فترة حكم في المنطقة العربية - من الذين هم على قيد الحياة حالياً، بعد السلطان قابوس بن سعيد سلطان ...
for35against   In my opinion Muhammad Hosni Mubarak is quite good politician. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
for33against   I do not agree. Muhammad Hosni Mubarak is bad choice. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), negative
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Hosni Mubarak resigns as president

Egyptian president stands down and hands over power to the Supreme Council for the Armed Forces. Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president, has resigned from his post, handing over power to the armed forces. Omar Suleiman, the vice-president, announced in a televised address that the president was "waiving" his office, and had handed over authority to the Supreme Council of the armed forces. Suleiman's short statement was received with a roar of approval and by celebratory chanting and flag-waving from a crowd of hundreds of thousands in Cairo's Tahrir Square, as well by pro-democracy campaigners ...

Five U.S. Presidencies is Too Long for Mubarak

“It might come as a shock to contemplate that Barack Obama is the fifth U.S. president during President Hosni Mubarak’s reign, which spans from 1981 to today. And perhaps you’ll be surprised to know that at the very moment that the two presidents’ hands intertwine on the steps of the White House, President Mubarak will have ‘outlasted’ four U.S. heads of state. They are alive, all won at the ballot box, all left at the end of their presidential terms - and none altered the U.S. Constitution to lengthen their terms nor stayed on to accommodate the whims of ...

Berlusconi in Egypt for talks with Muhammad Hosni Mubarak

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is scheduled to meet Egyptian President Hosny Mubarak for talks in the Sinai resort city of Sharm al-Sheikh on Tuesday. The Italian premier, who arrived in Sharm al-Sheikh on Monday night, is expected to discuss efforts to revive the Middle East peace process, Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini told Egypt's flagship government newspaper, al-Ahram. "All the crises in the Middle East seem closely linked," Frattini told al-Ahram. "Italy and Egypt understand this well."The Italian foreign minister spoke of Egypt and Italy's "common commitment" to ...

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#Occupied: Reports From the Front Lines
YOUR WEEKLY ROUNDUP OF OCCUPY MOVEMENT NEWS FROM THE OCCUPIED WALL STREET JOURNAL This week in Occupy, Egypt and Greece held watershed elections, Jamie Dimon was mic-checked at a Senate hearing, thousands marched in New York against stop and frisk, some key occupations had no choice but to close up shop and the Occupy National [...]
#Occupied: Reports From the Front Lines
YOUR WEEKLY ROUNDUP OF OCCUPY MOVEMENT NEWS From The Occupied Wall Street Journal Occupy Denver staged a Canadian student solidarity march on June 1. Photo: lthnmsrtk This week in Occupy, the Cruz home at 4044 Cedar Avenue in South Minneapolis became a national flashpoint for the Movement, overthrown Egyptian former dictator Hosni Mubarak was sentenced [...]
Egyptian court acquits former prime minister and two Mubarak sons of corruption charges
An Egyptian court has acquitted Ahmed Shafiq, a former prime minister and presidential candidate, and two sons of ousted dictator Hosni Mubarak, of corruption charges. Shafiq fled to the United Arab Emirates shortly after he narrowly lost to the Islamist Mohamed Morsi in a 2012 presidential election...
Egypt’s deposed president Mohamed Morsi back on trial — this time over jailbreak
Egypt's deposed president Mohamed Morsi went on trial Tuesday on charges of breaking out of prison during the 2011 uprising against veteran strongman Hosni Mubarak. Morsi, ousted by the army in July, is already on trial for inciting the killings of…...

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