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Moshe Sharoni

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היה חבר הכנסת השבע עשרה מטעם סיעת "גיל". | An Israeli politician.
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לחץ, אם אתה לא תומך משה שרוני. תגיד למה. | Click, if you do not support Moshe Sharoni. Say why.

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Sharoni Breaks Away from Pensioner's Party

It is now official. MK Moshe Sharoni is breaking off from the Pensioner’s Party to launch a new Knesset party, Justice for Pensioners.The party, headed by Minister Rafi Eitan, surprised the nation and themselves, emerging from the national election with seven seats in the current Knesset. Things were running fairly well until a number of months ago, when Sharoni was removed from his position as party chairman and the Knesset Labor & Welfare Committee. The official reason was Sharoni’s insistence to move ahead with a bill to increase funds for retired people, a bill opposed by ...

Police recommend indicting MK Moshe Sharoni

After a brief respite in senior-citizen drama with the reunification of the Pensioners' Party, shockwaves were sent through the faction's ranks on Wednesday evening with the announcement that MK Moshe Sharoni may face felony charges. Police confirmed investigators have recommended Sharoni be indicted on charges of falsifying corporate documents, fraud and breach of trust. The national fraud unit launched the investigation in 2007 following allegations of irregularities in the management of the party's bank account. The evidence accumulated has been handed over to the State Prosecutor's Office. ...

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