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The U.S. Representative for Virginia's 9th congressional district, serving since 2011.
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ENG: Howard Morgan Griffith (born March 15, 1958) is the U.S. Representative for Virginia's 9th congressional district. He is a member of the Republican Party. He was the majority leader of the Virginia House of Delegates and represented the 8th District, serving from 1994 until 2011. The district included all of Salem, Virginia and parts of Roanoke County. Early life, education, and career Griffith was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but his family moved to Salem, Virginia while he was a baby. He attended Andrew Lewis High School, graduating in 1976. He attended Emory and Henry College, graduating in 1980. Griffith completed his education with a J.D. from the Washington and Lee University Law School in 1983. After law school, Griffith settled in Salem where he worked as a ...
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GOP Freshmen Hone Their Message

Does the Republican Party have a messaging problem? Members of the House freshman class seem to think so. And in order to try and remedy the situation, seven of them met on Thursday morning in a Longworth House Office Building conference room, to discuss what they needed to be better at communicating to the American people. They also invited one member of the media to hear them message about messaging. It was all very "meta." Rep. Tim Scott, R-S.C., organized the meeting with Reps. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, Morgan Griffith of Virginia, Steve Southerland of Florida, Cory Gardner of ...

Congr. working to save Roanoke, Lynchburg mail proces.center

Sometime after May 15th the Roanoke and Lynchburg mail processing plants will close. In a release the postal service says the May 15th moratorium was to give Congress time to enact legislation. Back in November, 9th District Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-Salem) told WSLS he was co-sponsoring a bill, that would repeal the requirement forcing the Postal Service to pay health benefits up front for 75 years, and in turn save money and prevent closures. That bill is still in committee. So we went back to Griffith to ask him, did Congress not do enough? "Could we have encouraged them to take it ...

Congressman Morgan Griffith statement on STOCK Act

Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA) issued the following statement regarding his vote to support the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act of 2012 (S. 2038): “I'm pleased to support a commonsense measure,” said Congressman Griffith. “Using insider information for personal financial gain is a crime and should be treated as such. This Act makes clear that Members of Congress are going to be held to a higher standard than the average American. ... Source: tricities.com

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Griffith Statement on Optima Withdrawal from Obamacare Exchanges in Ninth District
Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA) released the following statement regarding Optima Health’s decision not to participate in the Obamacare individual insurance exchange in the markets of the Ninth Congressional District, leaving residents of the Ninth without any expected options on the exchange for 2018: “This is the collapse of Obamacare I have spoken of for years. Obamacare was built much like a house of cards, and we are now seeing its fall. “The House of Representatives bill to repeal and replace Obamacare would have stabilized the individual insurance market, but because the Senate has failed to do anything, I believe we must fund Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) subsidies, even though these subsidies were not lawfully funded under the last Administration. This step will help stabilize markets and encourage insurers to remain in the market. “I will continue to do all I can to ensure that health insurance can be acquired by all Americans. I am ready to work across the aisle
Griffith Applauds Studies of Two Southwest Virginia Sites for Pumped Storage Hydropower
Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA) issued the following statement on Dominion Energy’s announcement that it is studying two sites in Southwest Virginia for potential use as a pumped storage hydropower facility: “I firmly believe that pumped storage hydropower holds great promise for the coalfields of Southwest Virginia. The coalfields already have much of the infrastructure for this technology. In return, they would benefit from the jobs these facilities would bring and the energy they would provide. Further, all the city and county governments in the region would share in revenues generated by these projects. I have worked in Congress to promote technology for closed-loop pumped storage hydropower facilities. “By conducting in-depth studies of Wise and Tazewell County sites, Dominion brings the opportunities offered by pumped storage hydropower closer to reality. I believe studying these sites is just the start and that other projects involving this technology in our area will
Griffith Welcomes 40 New Jobs to Pulaski County
Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA) issued the following statement on Koinonia Ltd., a Brazilian company, planning to establish its first U.S. manufacturing operation in Pulaski County: “Southwest Virginia has the people, the resources, and the infrastructure for manufacturers to thrive. Koinonia’s advanced manufacturing facility will bring 40 new jobs to Pulaski County. It will make products that are used by other manufacturers, including Volvo Trucks, also in Pulaski. This investment is great news for our economy. Koinonia is the latest company to recognize the quality of Southwest Virginia and its workforce. The $4.9 million investment Koinonia has made in this project shows an impressive commitment to the New River Valley.” Koinonia Ltd. manufactures foam and tape solutions for automotive, refrigeration (HVAC), marine, construction, and heavy machinery. ###
Griffith Statement Regarding DACA
“When President Obama created DACA, he overstepped his authority. In Article I, Section 8, the U.S. Constitution grants to Congress the authority to establish rules of immigration. President Trump recognized this authority by choosing to end the program after a six-month period that would allow Congress to work on the issue. I believe it is appropriate for President Trump to end this program in an orderly manner, for Congress to step forward with solutions to the many problems in our legal immigration process, and, most importantly, for Congress to provide for securing our southern border.” ###

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