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Mohammad Qasim Fahim

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یک فرمانده نظامی، سیاستمدار و دولتمرد افغانستان بود. | Was an Afghan military commander, politician and statesman. Died in 2014.
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اینجا را کلیک کنید، اگر شما این شخصیت سیاسی را پشتیبانی نمی کند. می گویند به همین دلیل. | Click, if you do not support this candidate. Say why.

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FAR: مارشال (بزرگ‌ارتشبد) محمد قسیم فهیم در سال ۱۹۵۷ (میلادی) در روستای اومرز در ولایت پنجشیر متولد شد و روز یکشنبه، ۱۸ اسفند ۱۳۹۲ در سن ۵۷ سالگی از دنیا رفت. وی دورهٔ تعلیمات ابتدایی را در زادگاهش به پایان رساند و سپس جهت فراگیری تحصیلات بیشتر به کابل رفت و وارد دانشگاه کابل شد. فعالیت در دوران جنگ شوروی در افغانستان به عنوان یکی از همرزمان احمد شاه مسعود، به عنوان معاون فرماندهٔ منطقه‌ای و مدتی معاون کمیته سیاسی شورای نظار (جمعیت ...
for33against   In my opinion Mohammed Fahim is quite good politician. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
for33against   I do not agree. Mohammed Fahim is bad choice. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), negative
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Afghan rights report stalled by warlord fears

Government report on 30 years of violence may not see the light of day because it names politically-connected warlords. A recent report detailing atrocities committed over three decades of conflict in Afghanistan was supposed to provide answers to the families of one million people killed and 1.3 million left disabled by the violence, but now some fear that a focus on naming politically-connected perpetrators could prevent the document's release. The report, "Conflict Mapping in Afghanistan Since 1978", based on six years of research by a team of 40 researchers and the Afghanistan ...

Marshal Fahim Urges Parwan People Not To Allow Oppositions To Disturb Order

Kabul (BNA) Acting president Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim in his meeting with the elders and influential of Sayed Khail of Parwan province emphasized on preservation of security and consolidation of stability in the country. He said that with the cooperation of elders and influential today Parwan province is security and it is necessary that you should focus your attention during this summer than any other time as Parwan is host thousand of countrymen from all parts of the country. He asked them that with cooperation of other foundations of the province the government to close ties of ...

Marshal Fahim Asks For Further Cooperation Of UNHCR

Kabul (BIA) Acting president Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim first vice-president of Afghanistan in his meeting with the UNHCR commissioner praised the cooperation of this organization in coordination of affairs pertaining to refugees and displaced in Afghanistan and Pakistan and asked for its further cooperation in this respect. At this meeting Marshal Fahim expressed his sympathies over the death of three employees of UNHCR in Kandahar and added that Afghanistan considering its needs requires more assistance in refugee and displaced spheres and this can be coordinated with the regional ...

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