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Mohamed Hussein Tantawi

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محمد حسين طنطاوي - for

المصري المشير السابق ورجل دولة. | An Egyptian Field Marshal and former statesman.
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انقر فوق، إذا كنت لا تؤيد هذا المرشح. | Click, if you do not support Mohamed Hussein Tantawi. Say why.

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ARA: المشير محمد حسين طنطاوي (31 أكتوبر 1935) هو مستشار رئيس جمهورية مصر العربية د.محمد مرسي، والقائد العام السابق للقوات المسلحة المصرية وزير الدفاع والإنتاج الحربي السابق. ولد لأسرة مصرية نوبية. تخرج في الكلية الحربية سنة 1956، ثم كلية القيادة والأركان. شارك في حرب 1967 وحرب الاستنزاف وحرب أكتوبر 1973 حيث كان قائد وحده مقاتله بسلاح المشاة. وبعد الحرب حصل على نوط الشجاعة العسكري ثم عمل في عام 1975 ملحقا عسكريا لمصر في باكستان ثم في أفغانستان. واعلن ...
for33against   في رأيي محمد حسين طنطاوي هو سياسي جيد جدا. على سبيل المثال، وذلك لأن ... (كتبت إذا أردت أن أكتب لماذا، من هنا), positive
for33against   أنا لا أوافق. محمد حسين طنطاوي، هو سوء الاختيار. على سبيل المثال، وذلك لأن ... (كتبت إذا أردت أن أكتب لماذا، من هنا), negative
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Egyptian coalition pushes Tantawi to make a presidential run

Amid much controversy about the performance of Egypt’s Higher Council for the Armed Forces (SCAF) and as calls for ending military rule and establishing a civilian government gain more ground, a coalition that supports SCAF head and former Defense Minister Mohamed Hussein Tantawi for the presidency raised many eyebrows. Under the slogan “A popular demand for stability,” a new group called Egypt Above All launched a campaign that calls upon Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi to run for president. Hundreds of posters featuring Tantawi in uniform with the Egyptian flag ...

Mohamed Hussein Tantawi

Hussein Tantawi is Egypt's defense minister and chairman of the military council that took power on Feb. 11, 2011, after weeks of unrest directed at President Hosni Mubarak. He is currently the country’s de facto leader. The military then consolidated its control over what it has called a democratic transition from nearly three decades of authoritarian rule, dissolving the feeble Parliament, suspending the Constitution and calling for new elections.The initial euphoria with which Egyptians greeted the military takeover has cooled considerably, especially among those who had been most ...

Egypt’s Military Trials: Some remain more equal than others

For many, the moment of Hosni Mubarak’s resignation was the successful ending of a long fight for democracy. For others, it was just the beginning. Since February 11, the day Mubarak resigned, Egypt has been governed by the Supreme Council of Armed Forced (SCAF) led by Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, the former Defense Minister under Mubarak. While many people on the streets of Cairo want to leave the responsibility for a transition towards democracy to the military, others warn that relying on the SCAF for a transition towards democracy would inherently threaten the democratic potential of the ...

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