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Nya moderaterna (Moderaterna) är ett politiskt parti i Sverige. | The Moderate Party (M) is a centre-right, liberal-conservative political party in Sweden.
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Moderata samlingspartiet (förkortas M), vanligen Moderaterna och sedan 2005 Nya moderaterna, men fortfarande med det officiella partinamnet som partibeteckning på valsedlarna, är ett politiskt parti i Sverige. Fram till 2013 är partiet tillika en nomineringsgrupp inom Svenska kyrkan, men lämnar kyrkopolitiken till förmån för det nybildade Borgerligt alternativ.


Partiordförande: Fredrik Reinfeldt

Partisekreterare: Kent Persson

Gruppledare i riksdagen: Anna Kinberg Batra

Grundat: 17 oktober 1904

Politisk ideologi: Liberalkonservatism, Liberalism, Konservatism







The Moderate Party (Swedish: Moderata samlingspartiet: "the Moderate Coalition Party", commonly referred to in Swedish as Moderaterna: "the Moderates") is a centre-right, liberal-conservative political party in Sweden. The party was founded in 1904 as the General Electoral League by a group of conservatives in the Swedish parliament. The party has had two other names during its history: the National Organization of the Right (1938–1952) and the Rightist Party (1952–1969).


Following the 2010 general election, where the party gained 30.06% of the vote, the party is the major component of the governing centre-right coalition, the Alliance for Sweden, along with the Centre Party, the Liberal People's Party and the Christian Democrats. The current chairman of the party is Fredrik Reinfeldt, who is also Prime Minister of Sweden. Reinfeldt has been credited for having moved the party more towards the centre in Swedish politics. The party generally supports lower taxes and a larger role for private enterprise. In foreign policy it is pro-EU and pro-US.


Party chairman: Fredrik Reinfeldt

Party secretary: Kent Persson

Parliamentary group leader: Anna Kinberg Bat. a

Founded: 17 October 1904

Student wing: Moderate Students

Youth wing: Moderate Youth League

Ideology: Liberal conservatism 




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