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Mike Honda

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American Democratic Party politician - U.S. Representative for California (since 2001).
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ENG:Michael Makoto "Mike" Honda (Japanese: 本田実) (born June 27, 1941) is an American Democratic Party politician. He currently serves as the U.S. Representative for California's 17th congressional district, encompassing western San Jose and Silicon Valley. He has been serving in Congress since 2001. Background A Japanese American, Honda was born in Walnut Grove, California in 1941 and spent his early childhood in a Japanese American internment camp in Colorado. Between the ages of one and five, Honda recalls living in Camp Amache,an internment camp located in Southeastern Colorado. It was during these formative years spent within the camp that young Michael Honda learned that being of Asian descent carried with it a negative connotation in the United States. Grasping the injustice ...
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Honda introduces bill to make tech devices energy efficient

Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.) will introduce a bill on Monday to make electronic devices more energy efficient. Honda's bill is attempting to take aim at the explosion of iPods, iPads, smartphones, gaming consoles and other electronic devices that are fast becoming a new dilemma for groups trying to save energy and control greenhouse gasses. “This proliferation of electronic devices, if not made more energy efficient, will undermine efforts to increase energy security and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases responsible for global warming," Honda said. The Smart Electronics Act would ...

Honda: This Can Be a Tipping Point For Equality, If We Push

We have reached a tipping point in our fight for equality in America. Forty-two years after the Stonewall riots—a defining moment in the beginning of America’s gay rights movement—New York’s legalization of same-sex marriage and California’s mandate to teach lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) history in grade schools, bring this country closer to a more equal society. In my decade in Congress, the gay community and its allies have fought numerous battles and this double victory shows we have not fought in vain. Both California and New York, ...

Honda Introduces Bipart. Resolution to Honor War Prisoners

Representative Michael Honda (CA-15), Chairman Emeritus of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, introduced a bipartisan resolution honoring United States veterans who were held as prisoners of war during World War II. The resolution commemorates the courageous and faithful men and women who were taken as U.S. POWs in the Pacific. It also commends the Government of Japan for the steps it has taken to provide some justice to former U.S. POWs, recognizes America’s strong alliance with Japan and calls on the private Japanese companies that profited from U.S. POW labor to ...

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