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Mike Feinstein

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One of the seven co-Chairs of the Green Party of the United States since 2009.
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Kshama Sawant, Socialist City Council Member of Seattle, Speaks Out For Hawkins/Jones
At an event following Saturday’s events at Left Forum 2014 in Manhattan, Kshama Sawant of Socialist Alternative, the 15 Now! Campaign and elected member of the Seattle City Council spoke out for the need to run candidates across the country who will fight for working people. The event was a fundraiser for the Howie Hawkins/Brian Jones Green Party ticket for Governor and Lt. Governor of New York. “We have to continue to build strong, independent working class movements and independent, working class electoral candidates,” said Sawant. ...

Thank You For an Outstanding 2014 Convention
On May 17, GPNYS convened to nominate our candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, Comptroller and Attorney General, in addition approving a 2014 platform and other party resolutions. It was a day of workshops and recognizing the work of State Committee members and Green Party activists and candidates from around New York. And now we are happy to announce our 2014 statewide candidates! Governor of NY State: Howie Hawkins Lt. Governor: Brian Jones Comptroller: Theresa Portelli Attorney General: Ramon Jimenez The convention also featured Green and allied movement speakers: Alice Green on ...

Ithaca College Greens on May Day
While May 1st is insignificant to many Americans, the approaching date reminded the Ithaca College Greens  that many key employees on campus are vastly under-appreciated by the student body. Earlier this week in an effort to show their appreciation, the IC Greens wrote 200 personal thank you cards that will be distributed today to Facilities employees within the Grounds, Maintenance, and Housekeeping Departments on May Day. The IC Greens recognize that this is a very small act to thank the employees whose tireless hard ...

Resolution on GPNYS Strategy In The Event That The Working Families Party Nominates Their Own Candidate For Governor
Approved by the Green Party of New York State Committee on May 17, 2014 WHEREAS: 1. The Green Party and the Working Families Party have fundamentally different political strategies. The Green Party approach is independent political action by working people and allies against the corporate ruling class and its political representatives, the Democratic and Republican parties. The Working Families Party approach is to influence the multi-class Democratic Party primarily by running progressives in Democratic primaries and cross-endorsing Democrats in general elections. 2. The Green Party recognizes that, despite ...

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