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Mike Feinstein

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One of the seven co-Chairs of the Green Party of the United States since 2009.
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Protect Our Ballot Line! Never Sign for Opportunity to Ballot
It’s that time of year again, when exciting Green candidates are collecting signatures to run for local office. But this is also a time when political hacks from the 1% parties try to steal our hard-won ballot line through a legal-but-perverse process called “Opportunity to Ballot” — but you can help keep the good name of our party safe! Opportunity to Ballot (OTB) can occur if the Green Party does not have a candidate for a particular office. That is fairly common, as we are still a ...

Greens Designate Syracuse Candidates
Green Party of Onondaga County Media Release May 18, 2015 The Green Party of Onondaga County designated three candidates at its county convention on Sunday, May 17, 2015 at the Peace and Social Justice Center at 2013 East Genesee Street in Syracuse. For Commissioner of Education, the Greens designated Raymond Blackwell. Blackwell is a 2007 graduate of Fowler High School. He earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Long Island University in 2013 and a master’s degree in the Cultural Foundations of Education from Syracuse University in ...

Upper Hudson Green Party Announces Candidate Slate
Green Party of Upper Hudson Media Release June 2, 2015 The Upper Hudson Green Party announced a slate of candidates that will be running for office this year in Albany, Rensselaer and Schenectady counties. Daniel Plaat, Occupy Albany organizer and activist, will be running for Albany County Executive, Collin Fox Thomas for Troy City Council in Ward 4, and Richard Mara, Glenn Raymus, Alex Brownstein, Peter Looker, and Elmer Bertsch will be running for Schenectady County Legislature and Glenville Town Board. The Upper Hudson Green Party ...

Green Party Call for Vote on GMO Labeling
The Green Party today challenged Speaker Heastie to allow the state Assembly to vote on whether or not foods with GMOs to be labeled as such.   Despite overwhelming public support and the sponsorship of more than 70 members, the Greens said that Heastie was bottling the bill up due to pressure from supermarkets, the Farm Bureau and industry representatives such as Monsanto, especially on a handful of upstate legislators. A 2013 poll by The New York Times revealed 93% of Americans want GE foods to be ...

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