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Mike Feinstein

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One of the seven co-Chairs of the Green Party of the United States since 2009.
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ENG: Mike Feinstein is an American politician and a member of the Green Party. Feinstein has been involved in political activism since 1988, after he attended a conference at the Findhorn Community in Scotland entitled "The Individual and the Collective: Politics as If The Earth Mattered". He first became active with the Westside Greens in the Santa Monica/West Los Angeles area in November 1998 and then joined his neighborhood Ocean Park Community Organization in early 1989. Feinstein is one of many co-founders the Green Party of California. Municipal Government Between 1996 and 2004 he was elected twice to the City Council of Santa Monica, California and was appointed as its Mayor from 2000-2002. Feinstein was first elected to the City Council in 1996 receiving 13,681 votes and ...
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Feinstein: A Tsunami on My Block?

I live steps from the Pacific Ocean in the Ocean Park neighborhood of Santa Monica, California. When the recent horrific 9.0 earthquake hit Japan, I knew a local tsunami watch would be coming and I might have to evacuate. This would be our second watch in a year – in February 2010 there was an 8.8 earthquake in Chile that raised similar concerns up and down the Pacific Coast. This time I started getting calls from friends soon after the quake hit in Japan, worried I hadn’t heard the news. Knowing the tsunami wasn’t scheduled to arrive locally until approximately 8:39 a.m. the ...

Great event with Lynne Serpe and Mike Feinstein

Supporters of Annie Young for Auditor gathered to welcome national Green Party figures Lynne Serpe and Mike Feinstein at a house party hosted by Jenny Heiser and Dean Zimmermann. Lynne Serpe was manager for David Cobb's 2004 Presidential campaign and a New York City Council candidate in 2009. She recently worked on Rich Whitney's campaign for Governor of Illinois. She ran the successful Oakland IRV campaign and worked with New Zealand Green Party members of Parliament.Mike Feinstein is a former Mayor of Santa Monica, CA and is currently Co-Chair of the Green Party of the United ...

Mike Feinstein: CA Prop 14 would weaken democracy

Mike Feinstein, the former mayor of Santa Monica and well-known Green activist, has an opinion piece in the San Jose Mercury-News opposing Proposition 14, the “Top Two Primaries Act”. Proposition 14 would stifle diversity and competition within the major parties, limit the choices of independent voters and drive minor parties off the ballot… The threat to California’s smaller parties is a canary in the coal mine about what’s wrong with Proposition 14. A system that truly worked for all voters would give them more, not fewer, opportunities to elect ...

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Resolution on GPNYS Strategy In The Event That The Working Families Party Nominates Their Own Candidate For Governor
Approved by the Green Party of New York State Committee on May 17, 2014 WHEREAS: 1. The Green Party and the Working Families Party have fundamentally different political strategies. The Green Party approach is independent political action by working people and allies against the corporate ruling class and its political representatives, the Democratic and Republican parties. The Working Families Party approach is to influence the multi-class Democratic Party primarily by running progressives in Democratic primaries and cross-endorsing Democrats in general elections. 2. The Green Party recognizes that, despite ...
Thank You For an Outstanding 2014 Convention
On May 17, GPNYS convened to nominate our candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, Comptroller and Attorney General, in addition approving a 2014 platform and other party resolutions. It was a day of workshops and recognizing the work of State Committee members and Green Party activists and candidates from around New York. And now we are happy to announce our 2014 statewide candidates! Governor of NY State: Howie Hawkins Lt. Governor: Brian Jones Comptroller: Theresa Portelli Attorney General: Ramon Jimenez The convention also featured Green and allied movement speakers: Alice Green on ...
2014 Election Results
Congratulations to our 2014 GPNYS candidates! Howie Hawkins, Governor and Brian Jones, Lt. Governor: 176,269, 4.74% Ramon Jimenez, Attorney General: 76,697, 2.06% Theresa Portelli, Comptroller: 92,926, 2.50% Hank Bardel, CD11, Brooklyn/Staten Island: 2,558, 2.43% Paul Gilman – State Senate, District 11 Queens: 2,688, 6.32% Carl Lundgren – State Senate, District 34 Bronx/Westchester: 1,547, 3.80% Jeff Peress – State Assembly, District 13 Nassau: 367, 1.25% Daniel Zuger- State Assembly, District 85 Bronx: 87, 0.83% Daniel Vila CD13, Manhattan/Bronx: 9,231, 10.72% William Stevenson CD2, LI: 2,197, 1.56% Matt Funiciello, CD21, North Country: 18,404, 10.90%
Kshama Sawant, Socialist City Council Member of Seattle, Speaks Out For Hawkins/Jones
At an event following Saturday’s events at Left Forum 2014 in Manhattan, Kshama Sawant of Socialist Alternative, the 15 Now! Campaign and elected member of the Seattle City Council spoke out for the need to run candidates across the country who will fight for working people. The event was a fundraiser for the Howie Hawkins/Brian Jones Green Party ticket for Governor and Lt. Governor of New York. “We have to continue to build strong, independent working class movements and independent, working class electoral candidates,” said Sawant. ...

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