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The U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania's 14th congressional district, serving since 1995.
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ENG: Michael F. "Mike" Doyle (born August 5, 1953) is the U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania's 14th congressional district, serving since 1995. He is a member of the Democratic Party. The district is based in Pittsburgh and includes most of Allegheny County. A native of Swissvale and graduate of the Pennsylvania State University, Doyle previously served as a member of the Swissvale Borough Council (1977–1981) and an aide to state Senator Frank Pecora (1979–1994). He was first elected to Congress in the 1994 Republican Revolution despite being a Democrat. Early life, education and career Doyle was born in Swissvale, Pennsylvania, to Irish and Italian parents. He graduated from Swissvale Area High School in 1971, and then enrolled at Pennsylvania State University. He ...
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Doyle Votes Against Debt Limit Bill

U.S. Representative Mike Doyle (PA-14) voted against S. 365, legislation to raise the federal debt limit, cut government spending by nearly $1 trillion, and link a future increase in the debt limit to either passage of a balanced budget amendment or the enactment of an additional $1.2 trillion in cuts. He released the following statement after the bill was passed by the House of Representatives by a vote of 269 to 161. I voted against S. 365 because I believe it will kill jobs and choke off economic growth while making life harder for the Americans who are struggling the most. I believe the ...

Mike Doyle (D, PA-14) backtracks on ‘terrorist’ comments

Which is probably too long a title, at that. Anyway, Mikey Doyle is very, very sorry that the Tea Party thought that he was talking about them when he started spouting off about terrorists: U.S. Rep. Mike Doyle, D-Forest Hills, said he wasn’t comparing Tea Party members with terrorists when he used the word during a closed-door caucus meeting Monday, but was expressing frustration at President Obama’s negotiating tactics, which he said gave in too quickly to GOP demands in the debt ceiling debate. “Had I simply said hostage-taker, there wouldn’t be this reaction. I ...

Doyle Announces Carrie Furnace Funding

U.S. Representative Mike Doyle (D-PA14) announced that the Carrie Furnace Redevelopment site is the recipient of a $10 million grant through the Department of Transportation’s TIGER program. The project, totaling 168 acres over 5 municipalities, will bring in unprecedented economic growth in the Monongahela River Valley region of Allegheny Country. “I’m thrilled to announce this decision as I have been working with the administration to fund this critical project for some time now,” Congressman Doyle observed. “This project exemplifies innovation and demonstrates ...

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Congressmen Doyle and Smith Reintroduce Legislation to Protect Family Pets
Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Mike Doyle (D-PA-14) announced that he and Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ-4) have reintroduced the Pet Safety and Protection Act, legislation to protect companion animals from illegal sale for use in laboratory experiments. The Pet Safety and Protection Act (H.R. 1141) would prohibit “Class B” animal dealers from selling dogs and cats to researchers.   "Over their long history, Class B dealers have racked up an atrocious record of illegal activity and cruelty to animals,” Congressman Doyle said today. “This program has been an unmitigated disaster – and worst of all, it’s unnecessary. Congress should have shut it down years ago. That's why we're re-introducing the Pet Safety and Protection Act – to end the Class B dealer problem once and for all.  I urge my colleagues to pass this bill to put an end to this industry and the waste of resources it entails, to ensure the integrity of scientific research, and to protect American fami
Congressman Doyle Reacts to Trump Executive Order on Refugees
Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Mike Doyle (D-PA-14) issued the following statement today in response to the Executive Order issued by President Donald J. Trump on Friday. “I am deeply disappointed with POTUS for his recent order banning not only all refugees from around the world, but all visitors from a number of countries. “He's also harming citizens of those countries who have lived and worked in this country for years but are out of the country for work or vacation, and neighbors in our own communities who have come to make their lives and our region better. “Our nation has long welcomed refugees fleeing famine and oppression. This act flies in the face of our values as Americans and our history as a refuge for those in need.”   ###
Energy & Commerce Democrats Urge FCC to Reverse Course on Lifeline Modernization Order
Washington, DC – Congressman Doyle (D-PA-14) announced today that he and 14 other members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee had sent a letter to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai today urging him to reverse his action blocking implementation of the FCC’s Lifeline Modernization Order.   “In today’s world, telecommunications services are essential for every aspect of life,” Congressman Doyle said in discussing the letter to the FCC. “For a number of years, the federal Lifeline program has helped low-income Americans get access to essential telecommunications services. Lifeline originally covered land-line phone service, but as technology changed, Lifeline expanded to cover cell phones and, more recently, broadband. Chairman Pai’s recent decision to halt the implementation of the Lifeline Modernization Order shuts off access to broadband for thousands of low-income Americans across the country. Our letter urges Chairman Pai to reconsider thi
Congressmen Doyle and Lipinski Introduce "Buy American" Bill to Boost Job Creation and Ensure Taxpayer Dollars are Spent in the U.S.
Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Mike Doyle (D-PA-14) joined Representative Dan Lipinski (D-IL-3) and a number of other Members of Congress in introducing the Buy American Improvement Act (HR 904) to create American jobs, promote US manufacturing industries, increase transparency and accountability in government procurement, and ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent in the USA whenever practicable.                                 “I’m proud to cosponsor this bill to preserve America’s manufacturing base and the jobs of the men and women who work in our factories,” Congressman Doyle said after the bill’s introduction. “Foreign governments have been illegally subsidizing their steel and manufacturing industries and then illegally dumping their second-rate goods on our markets. The bipartisan steel caucus has been fighting this practice for years. We’ve urged stronger enforcement of our trade laws, and argued many specific cases before the WTO. This bi

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