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Mike Coffman

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The U.S. Representative for Colorado's 6th congressional district, serving since 2009.
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ENG: Michael "Mike" Coffman (born March 19, 1955) is the U.S. Representative for Colorado's 6th congressional district, serving since 2009, and a former Secretary of State of Colorado. He is a member of the Republican Party. Early life, education and career Michael Coffman was born on March 19, 1955 in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, to Harold and Dorothy Coffman, and is one of five children. His father served in the United States Army at Fort Leonard Wood, and after 1964, at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center in Aurora, Colorado. In 1972, Coffman enlisted in the U.S. Army, and was assigned to a mechanized infantry battalion. The following year, he earned a high school diploma through an Army program. Leaving active duty for the U.S. Army Reserve in 1974, he entered the University of ...
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Rep. Mike Coffman: End Pensions For Congress

Republican Rep. Mike Coffman says members of Congress should follow millions of American workers and give up their pensions. The Republican from suburban Denver says that when Congress returns from recess, he’ll suggest cutting the pension available to members with at least five years’ service. Coffman says that the bad economy prompted his idea. Coffman says that pensions should continue for current congressional pensioners, and be frozen for lawmakers already vested in the pension plan. ... Source: cbslocal.com

Coffman: All Ballots Should Be In English Only

Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman (R) is pushing legislation to repeal the part of the 1973 Voting Rights Act that allows districts with heavy populations of non-English speakers to print ballots in multiple languages. "Since proficiency in English is already a requirement for U.S. citizenship, forcing cash-strapped local governments to provide ballots in a language other than English makes no sense at all," Coffman said, according to the Denver Post. Coffman said Wednesday that his legislation would repeal Section 203 of the Voting Rights Act, which requires states or districts to provide ...

Coffman’s plan for cutting U.S. military spending

Bravo, Congressman Mike Coffman! The Defense Department, like everything else in the federal government, has been supersized. Put it on a diet. Our NATO “allies” are really among our biggest welfare cases. By all means, return to the notion of a “citizen militia” through the National Guard and Reserve. Gargantuan, professional and standing armies are, I fear, as much a threat to our liberties as they are to our nation’s enemies. “Nation building” for nations that have no desire to be built is a costly and bloody exercise in futility. Instead, find the ...

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