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Michaëlle Jean

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Michaëlle Jean - for

Canadian journalist and stateswoman. | Une animatrice de télévision et journaliste canadienne. Elle a été la gouverneur général du Canada.
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Time IP adress Vote
1 month ago184.151.179.220[+] for
4 months ago190.115.185.14[+] for
1 year ago174.112.30.52[+] for
1 year ago159.50.249.150[+] for
2 years ago50.8.2.81[+] for
2 years ago208.38.5.214against [-]
2 years ago37.191.202.172against [-]
2 years ago208.38.5.214against [-]
2 years ago75.159.66.37against [-]
2 years ago208.38.5.214against [-]
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