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Maxine Waters

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The U.S. Representative for California's 35th congressional district, and previously the 29th district, serving since 1991.
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ENG: The California State Assembly is the lower house of the California State Legislature. There are 80 members in the Assembly, representing an approximately equal number of constituents, with each district having a population of at least 420,000. Due to the state's large population and relatively small legislature, the Assembly has the largest population per representative ratio of any state legislature lower house and second largest of any legislative lower house in the United States; only the federal U.S. House of Representatives has a larger ratio. Since a ballot initiative in 1990, members of the Assembly are restricted by term limits, confining them to three two-year terms (six years). The Assembly convenes at the California State Capitol in Sacramento. Leadership of the ...
for33against   In my opinion Maxine Waters is quite good politician. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
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for1against   She sounds racist and biased with her opinions. I think she is a socialist and needs to be removed from office., pammie
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Maxine Waters Wants Blacks Back In The Conversation

While Barack Obama toured rural parts of the Midwest this week, the Congressional Black Caucus drew thousands of people to job fairs in Detroit and Atlanta. Driving the turnout was a sobering fact: The unemployment rate among blacks hovers around 16% Among the most prominent voices in this week’s discussion has been California Rep. Maxine Waters, a former Black Caucus chair. In a series of interviews with TIME, she explains the potential ways to create jobs in cities, the President’s relationship with blacks, and what’s at stake as Congress prepares to consider more cuts in ...

We Need To Spend A Trillion Or More On A Jobs Program

On Meet the Press today, Congresswoman Maxine Waters called for President Obama to take a more forceful approach to a jobs program, and likely made Republicans drop their jaws with the amount of money she argued the United States should invest in such a plan. David Gregory asked Waters if it would be possible for the president to take on an ambitious role in working on job creation in Congress, given the recent partisan fights over the debt ceiling. Waters put the impetus on Obama to take the first step. ... by Josh Feldman Source: mediaite.com

Maxine Waters On Jobs, Unemployment

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) had some harsh words for the Tea Party at a forum in Inglewood, California Saturday. With California's jobless rate now 12 percent, the second-highest rate of unemployment in the nation after Nevada, talk about jobs, the economy and the partisan squabbling in Congress dominated the “Kitchen Table Summit.” ... Source: huffingtonpost.com

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Remembering Ovarie Smith: ‘God’s Woman’ Was A Fearless Advocate For Mentally Disabled Now Her Life’s Work is A Legacy for All
Family, friends and dignitaries paid their final respects to Ovarie “OV” Smith on March 22nd at Trinity Baptist Church.  Smith was the greatest advocate and crusader for people who suffered from mental disabilities, and a woman who commanded the attention of elected officials for more than 50 years passed away on March 14. She was 99 years old. Smith was responsible for founding the building that currently houses Willing Workers Inc. in 1965. The non-profit work, activity, behavioral and educational center cares for individuals who have been hospitalized for 10-15 years.  Inspired by social worker June Patterson, Smith set out on a life mission to treat and teach such individuals with care and love, shaping and molding them into the fabric of a normal society.  She was born on April 2, 1914 in Longview, Texas, Smith moved with her family to California in 1941. Her first business was Casserole Catering Company, which hosted lavish events for such individuals
Possible Head Start closures spur Waters to seek probe of L.A. County
A local congresswoman Tuesday called for a federal investigation into the Los Angeles County Office of Education because of events that could lead to the closure of Kedren Head-Start centers across the county. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Los Angeles) protested outside the county Board of Education meeting in Downey with a few dozen Kedren staff members and parents clutching signs and their children who attend those preschool centers. FOR THE RECORD: Head Start: An article in the March 19 LATExtra section about the possible closure of Kedren Head-Start early-preschool centers in Los Angeles County said that Kedren had served 727 children in Watts and that 775 of Kedren's slots could be reallocated to the Children's Institute Inc., which the story referred to as a reduced number. The 775 slots would be divided among six areas, including Watts. The county education office's "responsibility is to not close down Head Start, but to help sustain them," Waters said, adding t
Waters seeks probe into county Head Start programs
Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Los Angeles, called Tuesday for a federal investigation into the Los Angeles County Office of Education’s handling of Head Start programs in Los Angeles. “We’re here today because Head Start in this county is being threatened time and time again in so many ways,” Waters said of the federal program that promotes school readiness for underprivileged children up to 5 years old. Waters said her action was prompted by news that Kedren Community Mental Health Centers relinquished its Head Start contract in January effective June 30, which would mark the fourth closure of Head Start centers serving the South Los Angeles area since 2001. Waters said the county Office of Education, which has a responsibility for the support of all the delegate agencies, is “out of control.” The L.A. County Office of Education released a statement in response, saying that if there is an investigation, it plans to fully cooperate. “We are confident we have f
Report Details Out-Of-Sync Response To LAX Shooter
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles International Airport was ill prepared for a crisis when a gunman ambushed security officers last year, and the emergency response was hindered by communication problems and poor coordination, according to a report released Tuesday. The report spotlighted flaws in various divisions of the airport and in systems that were in place, but it did not single out individuals responsible for problems. It also didn't mention that two airport police officers assigned to Terminal 3 were out of position without notifying dispatchers, as required, or discuss a decision months before the shooting to have police officers roam terminals instead of staffing security checkpoints such as the one approached by the attacker. Mayor Eric Garcetti said a number of issues detailed in the report have been addressed and work will continue on others. "I expect this airport to take care of this airport," Garcetti said at a news conference. "It is not something where we're going

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