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Mark Amodei

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The Congressman for Nevada's second congressional district, serving since 2011.
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ENG: Mark E. Amodei (pronounced ah-muh-day; born June 12, 1958) is the Congressman for Nevada's second congressional district. Prior to that, Amodei was a Republican member of the Nevada Senate, representing the Capital District from 1998 to 2010. Previously he served in the Nevada Assembly from 1997 through 1998. After public office as state Senator, he served as chairman of the Nevada Republican Party until May 2011, when he stepped down in order to pursue the republican nomination for Congress. Amodei was the Republican candidate for the special election held on September 13, 2011, to replace former Congressman and now Senator Dean Heller in Nevada's second congressional district. Early life, education, and military service Amodei graduated from Carson High School in 1976, where ...
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Rep. Mark Amodei Visits His District

Nevada Congressional District 2 Representative Mark Amodei was in town for a “meet & greet”. Congressman Amodei won a special election in September after Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval appointed Congressman Dean Heller to take the Senate seat left vacant by Senator John Ensign’s April resignation. This was my first opportunity to see Amodei in person, although he has been in town before. We had been told that staff members from his Reno and Washington offices would be here too. “Meet & greets” usually allow constituents to move around a room, talking with ...

Mark Amodei sworn in to fill House seat

Republican Mark Amodei chalked up a crushing victory in Tuesday’s special election for U.S. Sen. Dean Heller’s old House seat, routing Democrat Kate Marshall by 22 percentage points. With an assist by national Republicans wary of losing another special election in the run-up to a presidential campaign year, Amodei’s win surprised few in the heavily Republican district. “The voters of Nevada sent a message,” Amodei told a cheering room of supporters. “That message unmistakably is: It’s time to start a change.” In a sad acquiescence to the ...

How Amodei of Nevada Beat Democrats' Medicare Scare Tactics

I wrote in The American Spectator in July, “Entitlement reform remains fraught with political peril, as the recent special election in New York has shown: Democrat Kathy Hochul defeated Republican favorite Jane Corwin, in a campaign dominated by Hochul’s attacks against Republican plans for Medicare.” This summer, Democrats were salivating at the opportunity to win elections in 2012 with a tactic some call “Mediscare”: accusing Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republicans of throwing granny off of a cliff because of their support for modest, market-based Medicare ...

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