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Maria Cantwell

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The United States Senator from the state of Washington since 2001.
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ENG: Maria E. Cantwell (born October 13, 1958) is the junior United States Senator from the state of Washington and is a member of the Democratic Party. Previously she served in the Washington House of Representatives, and then in the United States House of Representatives from Washington's 1st congressional district between 1992 and 1994, after which she worked as an executive for RealNetworks. She is Washington's second female senator, serving with Patty Murray. Early life Cantwell was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. She was raised in a predominantly Irish-American neighborhood on the south side of Indianapolis. Her father, Paul F. Cantwell, served as county commissioner, city councilman, state legislator, and Chief of Staff for U.S. Representative Andrew Jacobs, Jr. Her mother, ...
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Murray fights for Southwest Washington, Cantwell says

In a campaign speech Wednesday to the Vancouver Rotary Club, U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., praised her Democratic colleague, U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, as a tenacious, committed advocate for Southwest Washington. Murray is fighting the toughest race of her career against Republican real estate investor and former gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi for a fourth Senate term. Rossi spoke to the Rotary Club in late September. Mostly steering clear of outright partisanship, Cantwell said Murray has been willing to fight for such unglamorous projects as infrastructure improvements on ...

Cantwell Measure Results in High-Paying Biotech Jobs in WA

SEATTLE, WA – Small and innovative biotechnology firms located in Washington state will be able to expand their work developing promising new medical treatments with the help of competitive grants and credits awarded under a program co-authored by U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA). Made possible by the health care reform law, the Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project awards totaling $34 million in grants and credits have gone to nearly 90 small biotech firms in Washington, and 2,923 firms nationally. The grants and credits support projects to address unmet medical needs, ...

NRSC first shot at Senator Cantwell in 2012 fizzles

Looks like the campaign for 2012 has already kicked off, in truly ludicrous fashion. The National Republican Senatorial Committee (which we won’t link to), issued a press release yesterday accusing Senator Maria Cantwell of marching lockstep with the Democratic leadership in the Senate by voting for Harry Reid as Majority Leader, and his leadership team, which includes her colleague Senator Patty Murray. “By supporting a big-spending, tax-hiking, pro-ObamaCare liberal like Harry Reid, Senator Cantwell once again demonstrated that Washingtonians cannot trust her to ...

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