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Canadian cannabis policy reform advocate, politician and media publisher. Currently serving a five-year sentence in a United States federal prison.
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ENG: Marc Scott Emery (born February 13, 1958) is a Canadian cannabis policy reform advocate, a politician, and media publisher as well as a former cannabis seed seller. He is currently serving a five-year sentence in a United States federal prison for selling cannabis seeds. Media and documentaries Over his career, Emery has been covered in many newspaper articles and media appearances, including features in the front page of the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, CNN TV, and CNN Radio News, ABC News, the USA Today, the Hindustan Times of India the National Enquirer, Rolling Stone Magazine, CBC Newsworld, Forbes Magazine, Vancouver Magazine, 60 Minutes, the New York Times and more. Emery is featured in the 2007 CBC documentary film "Prince of Pot: The US vs. Marc Emery",and CBC ...
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Marc Emery on Ron Paul: The Great Man Has Left The Building

Ron Paul, my hero and great political and moral influence, gave his farewell speech to Congress on November 14th after 23 years of serving as the lonely, often marginalized, voice of reason and stalwart of constitutional principles in the House of Representatives. In those years Ron Paul always voted against any financing for the drug war and the drug czar's office. He sponsored bills to legalize possession of marijuana, industrial hemp, and medical marijuana; a Truth in Trials Act, allowing introduction of state medical marijuana laws in federal trials; bills to end the US military ...

Marc Emery earns $22.20 per month in a Mississippi jail

Marc Emery has gotten a "prison pay raise", according to a tweet from his wife Jodie. The Prince of Pot now collects $22.20 per month as the recreation clerk, up from $18.48 per month that he previously earned. Emery is incarcerated in Yazoo City, Mississippi after pleading guilty in a Seattle court to distributing drugs—marijuana seeds—and receiving a five-year sentence. Emery maintains that he always paid taxes in Canada on income derived from his seed-selling business, which wasn't deemed to be worthy of criminal charges north of the border. By Charlie Smith November ...

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