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מפד"ל - המפלגה הדתית לאומית היא מפלגה ישראלית. | The National Religious Party (מפד"ל, Mafdal) was a Zionist political party in Israel. Dissolved in 2009.
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Israel's National Religious Party, of Blessed Memory

Israel's National Religious Party died this past Tuesday after a long illness. Its demise was almost unnoticed. The once powerful Israeli political party that represented the philosophy of Religious Zionism, the Miflaga Datit Leumi (its Hebrew name, commonly abbrieviated as "Mafdal," the word emblazoned on the election poster pictured above right), was created in 1956 and participated in every Israeli government coalition between that year and 1992, regardless of whether Labor or Likud led the government. Its importance as a coalition partner was attributable to the roughly 12 Knesset seats it ...

Apologia Pro Vita Politica Mea: De Mafdal ad Likud

1) Mafdal had become a one issue party that reduced all of Judaism to the struggle for Eretz Yisrael, according to one specific line (Merkaz, Merkaz, Merkaz et Eliyahi Inc). This, in my opinion, constituted a distortion of Judaism, Zionism and Common Sense. 2) Mafdal didn't advocate a Modern Orthodoxy with which I could personally identify. In its more bourgeois eras, it was religiously flaccid (as evidenced by the the tragic failure of its key educational institutions to develop any concept as to the deeper meaning of 'Torah ve-Hokhma'). The idea that deep involvement in the world demanded a ...

המפלגה הדתית לאומית החדשה יצאה לדרך

המפלגה הדתית לאומית החדשה הקורצת לציבור המסורתי יוצאת לדרך.בשעות הצהריים התקיימה מסיבת עיתונאים בה הודיעו באופן רשמי ראשי המפד''ל, ''תקומה'' ו''מולדת'' על איחוד המפלגות למפלגה דתית לאומית מסורתית חדשה ועל סדר היום החדש של המפלגה המאוחדת.במסיבת העיתונאים לא השתתפו ח''כ אפי איתם שככל הנראה בדרכו לליכוד וח''כ אריה אלדד שהודיע על ...

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