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Lucas Mangope

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Die voormalige President van die onafhanklike staat van Bophuthatswana. | A South African politician.
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AFR: Lucas Manyane Mangope (27 Desember 1923) is die voormalige President van die onafhanklike staat van Bophuthatswana. Mangope is gebore in Motswedi op 27 Desember 1923. Hy het as ‘n hoërskoolonderwyser gewerk tot op 8 Augustus 1959, toe hy sy pa, ook Lucas, as Hoofman van die Motsweda Ba hurutshe-Boo-Manyane stam vervang het. Op 1 Mei 1971 het Mangope die Hoofminister van die Bophuthatswana Wetgewende Vergadering geword en sy posisie behou met die verkiesings van 4 Oktober 1972. Hy was aanvanklik die leier van die Bophuthatswana Nasionale Party, maar na onderlike tweespalt stig hy die Bophuthatswana Demokratiese Party, wat die regerenmde party geword het. Mangope het President van die onafhanklike staat Bophuthatswana geword in 1977, hoewel slegs Suid-Afrika en later ...
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Safa nil, Mangope R1,777m

Safa has been ordered to pay its former head of security Kwena Darius Mangope nearly R2m for breach of contract. The judgment was made in the Labour Court in Joburg by Judge J Molahlehi on November 17 last year after Mangope was fired by Safa when he was only three months in the job last year. The former senior South African National Defence Force official had been head-hunted to take charge of the association’s security. He is also the son of former Bophuthatswana homeland president Lucas Mangope, who is the leader of the United Christian Democratic Party. Judge ...

Lucas Mangope: One of South Africa’s living legends

Do I do my best thinking when I’m in pain? Apparently so. I woke up this morning with the sudden realization that a) my tooth was still hurting and that b) I live only half a mile away from one of the most important men in recent South African history this side of Nelson Mandela! What a chance to meet a true mover-and-shaker! Let’s see if I can pull it off. When I first got to South Africa, I saw a video about the last days of the Apartheid regime and it mentioned Lucas Mangope, the president of a so-called “homeland” for Black South African Setswanas. And according to ...

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