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The Liberal Party of Canada, colloquially known as the Grits, is the oldest federal political party in Canada. | Le Parti libéral du Canada
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Click, if you do not support the Liberal party of Canada. Say why. / Cliquez, si vous ne soutenez pas ce candidat. Dire pourquoi.

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for2against   I will vote Liberal in this election... to unseat Harper & his regime! I won't vote for Liberals again if the issue of Elecetoral Reform is not raised by them in this campaign., Cindylee
for1against   Read the Rights Revolution. Michael Ignatieff's vision for Canada was articulated a decade ago, EmilyDee
for1against   Would have preferred if Dominic Leblanc had stayed in the leadership race. Even with Iggy, they're still a better option than the Cons, and have a better shot than the NDP., -Al-
for0against   I support the Libs, the only real alternative to Stephen Haper. I like Jack, but it does no good to split the vote and end up with Harper again., davec11
for1against   On splitting the vote - we should not worry about vote splitting. We should always vote the best candidate in, always vote for policies and philosophies we can believe in., stillthinkinggal
for1against   One only has to look at the damage done by Liberal party policy to know that we don't want the nation governed by this group of politicians., stillthinkinggal
for0against   Not a Ignatieff fan, can't seem to get a grip on his visions as a leader,too many games.. waits for Trudeau to take over the party!!, Luanna
for0against   No vision, no credibility, no choice, SEWARD

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