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Li Keqiang

* Prime minister
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现任中华人民共和国国务院总理兼任党组书记。/ Premier of the People's Republic of China and party secretary of the State Council.
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中文简介:李克强(1955年7月17日-),中国安徽定远县人,中国共产党和中华人民共和国主要领导人之一,现任中华人民共和国国务院总理兼任党组书记、第十八届中国共产党中央政治局常务委员会委员(位列第二)。曾任中华人民共和国国务院副总理、国务院党组副书記;第十七届中共中央政治局常委(排名第七)。 生平 - 早年经历 李克强1955年7月17日生于安徽。 李克强是1977年中国恢复高考后的第一批北京大學法律系学生(即众所周知的“七七级”大学生),在北大上学期间,曾任北大学生会主席,毕业后在职获得经济学博士。 1974-1976年,安徽省凤阳县 ...
for33against   我觉得李克强 (Li Keqiang) 是一个不错的政治家。例如,因为... (如果我想要写为什么,我写在这里), positive
for33against   我不同意。李克强 (Li Keqiang) 是不错的选择。例如,因为... (如果我想要写为什么,我写在这里), negative
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New Chinese premier Li Keqiang demands that U.S. end hacking

As US firms allege they are increasingly targeted by Beijing-based hackers, Li counters China itself has been hacked Newly installed Chinese premier Li Keqiang has called on both Washington and Beijing to put an end to “groundless accusations” regarding the hacking of each others’ computer systems. Speaking at the close of China’s annual meeting of parliament, Li said that cyberattacks were a global problem, and that his country had been the victim of hackers on numerous occasions. Read more: THE RAW STORY (March 17, 2013)

Li Keqiang (李克强) inspects joint energy projects

Chinese Vice Premier, Li Keqiang, says the joint natural gas projects between China and Turkmenistan serve the long-term interests of both peoples. Li made the remarks during a video conference with the Chinese and Turkmenistan workers of China National Petroleum Corporation International.He said the projects were the decision of the presidents of both countries, which can help promote social and economic development. The facility under construction is the starting point of the China-Turkmenistan pipeline, a part of the Central Asian Pipeline.The Central Asian Pipeline is connected with ...


国务院副总理李克强29日在钓鱼台国宾馆会见了欧盟委员会对外关系委员贝妮塔·费雷罗━瓦尔德纳一行。 李克强指出,中欧建交30多年来,政治互信不断加深,合作水平不断提高。面向未来,双方应继续坚定不移地发展全面战略伙伴关系,把各领域交流与合作推向更高水平,造福双方人民。在当前金融危机背景下,双方应加强合作,良性互动,化危机为机遇,推动中欧经济更好发展。 (03-29 14:20) 深圳新闻网 www.sznews.com 2.4.09

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