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社會民主連線 - Shèhuì Mínzhŭ Liánxiàn | The League of Social Democrats (LSD) is a radical, social democratic political party in Hong Kong.
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社會民主連線(簡稱社民連;英语:LSDLeague of Social Democrats)是香港泛民主派中奉行社會民主主義的政治團體,現任主席為梁國雄。由議員社運人士及基層市民等組成,口號為「基層主導、民主企硬,旗幟鮮明的反對派」。於2008年香港立法會選舉,社民連直取三個議席,一度成為泛民主派第三大黨。該黨立法會議員經常於議會中大駡政府高官及特首,亦多次因為市民發聲而違反議事規則後逐出議事廳。為發起「五區公投」,該黨三位立法會議員,即黃毓民、梁國雄、陳偉業聯同兩位公民黨議員梁家傑和陳淑莊於2010年1月26日集體辭職,其後參加補選並再次當選重返立法會,惟投票率只得17.1%。




主席     梁國雄

副主席     鄧徐中、吳文遠

秘書長     麥國風

副秘書長     何慇榮、劉卓文  

創立     2006年10月1日







The League of Social Democrats (simplified Chinese: 社会民主连线; traditional Chinese: 社會民主連線; pinyin: Shèhuì Mínzhŭ Liánxiàn) or LSD is a radical and social democratic political party in Hong Kong. Its declared purpose is to "take a clear-cut stand to defend the interests of the grassroots". Founding members include "Long Hair" Leung Kwok-hung and former members of the Democratic Party, such as Andrew To.


Splits and damage

On 24 January 2011, Raymond Wong and Albert Chan quit the party, citing disagreement with leader Andrew To and his faction. About a hundred of their supporters joined them, leaving the LSD in disarray.


The following November, in district council elections, the party lost all four of its seats, including that of Andrew To for Wong Tai Sin. Twenty-three other League candidates also failed to win. Two days later, Andrew To resigned as chairman, to take responsibility for the loss, but pledged not to alter the League's ideology for the sake of winning elections.。/sup>


Chairman: Leung Kwok-hung

Founded: 1 October 2006

Ideology: Social democracy, Democratic socialism



5th November 09

updated: 2013-01-26

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