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Koalisyong Makabayan ng Bayan

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Koalisyong Makabayan ng Bayan | The Nationalist People's Coalition (NPC) is a political party in the Philippines.

NPC - against

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Vice President Jejomar Binay’s Aguinaldo
Money received from benefactors during Christmas in the Philippines is called “aguinaldo”, a term and practice imported from Mexico during the Spanish colonial period where it now refers to the annual Christmas bonus given to employees. In the Philippines, it is now generally used to describe monetary gifts given by all benefactors, including godparents and employers. Like all other "presidentiables", Vice President Jojo Binay is also expecting aguinaldos from his wealthy financial supporters, taipan and non-taipan alike. But down the road, he is counting on another kind of "aguinaldo", this one from no less than the Philippine Supreme Court. It is a special gift that will allow him to realize his ambition to be the next president of the republic ...
Obama faces left-right opposition on trade, military force
WASHINGTON --- Some of the House's staunchest liberals and most hard-core conservatives are teaming up to oppose President Barack Obama's requests for enhanced powers to make trade deals and to deploy the military. This unusual left-right coalition will force Obama and his allies to build centrist majorities in a Congress whose ideological middle has nearly vanished. Many liberals say trade deals hurt American workers. And they are wary of authorizing military actions that might lead to protracted wars. Some feel Republican President George W. Bush misled Congress and the nation when he won approval to invade Iraq in 2003. Republicans generally are pro-trade and pro-milit...Keep on reading: Obama faces left-right opposition on trade, military force
Jejomar Binay Should Never Become President of the Philippines
In our July 25th editorial we asked if Vice President Jejomar Binay should be the next president of the Philippines. In this editorial we arrive at the definitive conclusion that that Binay should not be elected president. Since our last editorial, more witnesses have come forward with more allegations against the embattled Vice President. But our decision not to support Binay’s presidential bid is based on irrefutable public acts that in our opinion disqualify him from the presidency ...
PNoy posibleng makasuhan pagbaba sa puwesto
Posibleng makasuhan si Pangulong Benigno Aquino III pagkatapos ng kanyang termino. Ito'y dahil pinabayaan umano niya na manghimasok ang suspendidong hepe ng PNP sa operasyon sa Mamasapano.

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