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An Australian politician. The Prime Minister of Australia and the Leader of the Labor Party since 2013.
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ENG: Kevin Michael Rudd (born 21 September 1957) is an Australian politician who has been the Prime Minister of Australia and the Leader of the Labor Party since 27 June 2013. He was previously Prime Minister from 2007 to 2010, and Labor Leader from 2006 to 2010. He is the first former Prime Minister to return to the office since Robert Menzies in 1949, and only the second Labor Prime Minister to do so. Having previously served as a diplomat, and then as an official for the Queensland Government, Rudd was initially elected to the House of Representatives for Griffith at the 1998 election. He was promoted to the Shadow Cabinet in 2001 as Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs. In December 2006, he successfully challenged Kim Beazley to become the Leader of the Labor Party, subsequently ...
for8against   Kevin Rudd Is A great PM but he really has to re think the baby bunus ... we did without it years ago so its not necessary now, Rutland
for5against   Please , Please come back as PM !!!!!!, marga23
for4against   My heart bleeds as I watch Australia spriralling downwards. The Aust. embassies in Bangkok & Indonesia, Villawood detention centre - 100s of millions of $. What about our hosp.s., chrisaha
for3against   Kevin Rudd had potential. His pre-election campaign was a stunner. He only has disappointed since through censorship, debt or many more. My vote is lost from him., Austim
for3against   Rudd is a smug and dishonest bogan, his fake demeanour doesn't fool me. His agenda is for his own gain, not for the good of Australians !, dirtyannie
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Rudd turns up the volumes

IT IS the spiritual Jewish sect that has become the religion du jour of Hollywood celebrities such as Madonna, Paris Hilton and David Beckham - and now Prime Minister Kevin Rudd can claim some association with Kabbalah.According to the register of the Prime Minister's interests Kevin Rudd accepted a gift of all 23 volumes of Kabbalah's sacred text The Zohar in September.The gift forms part of a global strategy by Kabbalah groups to have The Zohar distributed to governments, hospitals and prisons around the world in the belief that its presence in the buildings protects people from violent or ...

Kevin Rudd spends $600,000 on travel

Oh, to have Kevin Rudd's travel kitty.In the first seven months of the Rudd government, the prime minister's overseas jaunts cost taxpayers just over $600,000, according to a register of parliamentary travel released on Thursday.But it wasn't just money being dished out.Mr Rudd handed back $105.85 related to a trip to Hong Kong in December 2005. It was revealed earlier this year that Mr Rudd used the visit as an excuse to get out of a dinner with disgraced former WA premier Brian Burke.The biggest ticket item on Mr Rudd's travel itinerary was an 18-day round-the-world trip, which took him to ...

В Австралии создадут 133 тысячи новых рабочих мест

Правительство Австралии приняло программу создания новых рабочих мест, сообщает Bloomberg.Как сообщил премьер-министр страны Кевин Руд (Kevin Rudd), федеральное правительство, а также все 8 штатов страны подписали соглашение о выделении в течение 4-5 лет 15 млрд австралийских долларов (9,9 млрд долларов США) на программу создания новых ...

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New book claims Kevin Rudd 'hectored' US President George W. Bush over lack ... - The Daily Telegraph
NEWS.com.auNew book claims Kevin Rudd 'hectored' US President George W. Bush over lack ...The Daily TelegraphKelly has interviewed more than 60 of the key players at the heart of the dysfunction of Labor under Rudd and Julia Gillard. Time and again they tell how Rudd's micromanaging brought the process of government to a grinding halt. “The Kevin Rudd story ...The mystery is why the Labor elite let itself be led by an egotistThe Australian (blog)Comment: Better leaders could shore up Australia's eroding political cultureSBS (blog)The great ALP library: Another book launchedNEWS.com.auall 20 news articles »
by: Paul Kelly, Editor at large - The Australian
Daily Mailby: Paul Kelly, Editor at largeThe AustralianONCE in office, Kevin Rudd defied the orthodoxy and engaged in the most centralised, novel and risky experiment in prime ministerial power since Gough Whitlam. Rudd had two critical weaknesses — managing people and running a government.Black Swan: Former Treasurer says his biggest regret was 'not finishing off ...Daily Mailall 3 news articles »
Quentin Bryce was not amused by Kevin Rudd handling - The Australian
Quentin Bryce was not amused by Kevin Rudd handlingThe AustralianFORMER governor-general Quentin Bryce made a series of complaints to Kevin Rudd as prime minister about his treatment of the office, his controlling attitude towards her and his lack of support when she was attacked for decisions imposed upon her by ...
Kevin Rudd warns of climate change consequences at US forum - Sydney Morning Herald
Sydney Morning HeraldKevin Rudd warns of climate change consequences at US forumSydney Morning HeraldThere is still time for China to curb its carbon emissions to give the planet a "reasonable future", former prime minister Kevin Rudd has said. And Mr Rudd has proposed a "transformation" of the US-China relationship, arguing the two should co-lead a ...Kevin Rudd lauds China action on climate changeThe AustralianWATCH LIVE: Paulson And Rudd On Asia And The World OrderHuffington PostClimate change threatens all of us: Rudd urges actionSBSall 6 news articles »

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