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The U.S. Representative for Texas's 24th congressional district, serving since 2005.
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ENG: Kenny Ewell Marchant (born February 23, 1951) is the U.S. Representative for Texas's 24th congressional district, serving since 2005. He is a member of the Republican Party. The district includes several wealthy areas around Dallas and Fort Worth. Early life, education and career Marchant was born February 23, 1951 in Bonham, Texas, but grew up in Carrollton, a Dallas suburb. He graduated from R.L. Turner High School in Carrollton and attended college at Southern Nazarene University (SNU) in Bethany, Oklahoma, graduating with a business degree. He worked as a real estate developer and he owned a homebuilding company prior to entering politics. Marchant served on the Carrollton City Council from 1980 to 1984, was mayor of Carrollton from 1984 to 1986. Texas House of ...
for22against   In my opinion Kenny Marchant is quite good politician. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
for6against   Kenny Marchant has been a strong conservative leader and rated one of the most conservative in Congress, winston
for18against   Kenny Marchant refused to sign on to the STOCK Act (until this month) and DOUBLED his net worth during the height of the recession. He has to go!, spanthegeorge
for2against   Just found out he is one of the strongest opponents of gay marriage. So narrow minded, can you believe it?, KyleB
for1against   Congressman Marchant is against a womans right to choose. He is way to anti-choice for my taste. We need to vote him out!, KyleB
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Airport Security Options Act H.R. 3038

On September 23rd 2011, Congressman Kenny Marchant (R-TX) introduced H.R. 3038 the Airport Security Options Act. Currently, the TSA has applied a nationwide “blanket” freeze to airport applications seeking to opt-out of TSA in favor of certified private security. H.R. 3038 would help thaw TSA’s freeze and allow opt-out applications from airports to move forward. Congressman Marchant seeks to have the practices returned to its original state where airports could choose to hire their own private security rather than the TSA. ... Source: truthaboutbills.org

Marchant Opposes Obama’s ‘Recess’ Appointments

Congressman Kenny Marchant (TX-24) released the following statement responding to President Obama’s four appointments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the National Labor Relations Board, circumventing the Senate’s constitutional role of advice and consent: “I am deeply disappointed in the President’s recent decision to make ‘recess’ appointments while Congress remains in session. This political move shows a blatant disregard for the Constitution and an abuse of executive power. ... Source: kennymarchant.com

Marchant’s “Airport Secur.Opt. Act” Passes the House of Repr

Congressman Kenny Marchant (TX-24) issued the following release after H.R. 3038, The Airport Security Options Act, which he authored, was included in the Federal Aviation Authorization (FAA) conference report. “The inclusion of my language from The Airport Security Options Act in the FAA conference report is a major victory for airport security. Thawing the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) freeze on airport applications for opting out of TSA will allow airports to choose the security that best suits their needs. The competition between TSA security and private ...

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Marchant Honors Fallen Euless Police Officer
U.S. Congressman Kenny Marchant (TX-24) on Thursday issued remarks in the House of Representatives honoring the life and memory of Euless police officer David Hofer. Officer Hofer was tragically killed earlier this week while serving in the line of duty. Marchant’s remarks can be found below, as they appear in the Congressional Record. To view these remarks online, please click here. CELEBRATING THE LIFE AND MEMORY OF OFFICER DAVID HOFER ______ HON. KENNY MARCHANT OF TEXAS IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Thursday, March 3, 2016 Mr. MARCHANT. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to celebrate the life and memory of Officer David Hofer of the Euless, Texas Police Department. Officer Hofer was tragically killed while serving in the line of duty on March 1, 2016. David's career as an officer began in 2009 after joining the New York Police Department. A native of Brooklyn, New York and a 2008 graduate of New York University, David fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a police off
Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments on Texas HB2
The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday began hearing oral arguments in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, a challenge to a Texas state law that imposes stricter health and safety standards for abortion clinics and providers. The law under consideration, Texas HB2, has broad support at both the state and federal levels, including among many members of Congress. A coalition of nearly 175 U.S. Representatives and Senators has filed an amicus brief with the Court urging that Texas HB2 be upheld. “This Texas law takes critical steps to protect women’s health and defend the right to life,” said U.S. Congressman Marchant (TX-24), a co-signer of the congressional brief supporting Texas HB2. “As oral arguments are heard, I hope the Supreme Court will give deference to the will of the people of Texas and their elected legislators. The individual justices may have differing views on abortion but all should agree on the importance of respecting states’ rights – especially when it c
Marchant Votes to Protect Second Amendment Rights, Preserve Access to Recreational Hunting and Fishing
U.S. Congressman Kenny Marchant (TX-24) on Friday voted to pass H.R. 2406, the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act of 2015, also known as the “SHARE Act.” This legislation takes steps to protect Second Amendment liberties and eliminate overreaching federal regulations that could restrict access to federal land that should otherwise be available for recreational hunting and fishing. In advance of Friday’s vote on the SHARE Act, which passed the House 242-161, Marchant issued official remarks for the Congressional Record urging support of the bill. These remarks can be found below or accessed here. “Mr. Speaker: I rise in support of H.R. 2406, the SHARE Act.  This legislation would protect Second Amendment rights and prevent unnecessary federal regulations from limiting access to outdoor sporting activities. “Activities like hunting, fishing, and recreational shooting contribute billions of dollars to our economy. But, it’s impossible to put a do
Marchant Calls for Action to Make U.S. Tax Code Simpler, More Competitive
The House Committee on Ways and Means held a hearing on Wednesday to examine the global tax environment and pro-growth reforms to make the U.S. tax code more competitive. During the hearing, U.S. Congressman Kenny Marchant (TX-24) highlighted the urgent need to simplify the tax code, lower rates, and ease the growing strain on American businesses. Marchant issued the following statement upon the conclusion of the hearing: “America’s global competitors have taken great strides to make their tax policies more conducive to job creation and long-term economic growth. The United States has not kept pace and, in fact, we now have the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world. Many companies in my district are being forced to put more focus on managing the tax burden, and less on finding new and innovative ways to grow their businesses. This is a drag on our economy that will only grow larger if it is left ignored. We need to address these issues now by making our tax code more

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