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Kathy Hochul

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Former U.S. Representative, last serving New York's 26th congressional district from June 1, 2011 to January 3, 2013.
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ENG: Kathleen Courtney "Kathy" Hochul(born August 27, 1958) is a past U.S. Representative, last serving New York's 26th congressional district from June 1, 2011 to January 3, 2013. She prevailed in the four-candidate special election of May 24, 2011, to fill the seat left vacant by the resignation of Republican Chris Lee, and was the first Democrat to represent the district in 40 years. Hochul served as the County Clerk of Erie County, New York from 2007 until 2011, when she assumed her seat in Congress. Previously, she was a deputy county clerk, a member of the Hamburg town board, a practicing attorney, and a legislative aide. Hochul was defeated for re-election by Republican former Erie County Executive Chris Collins, after being redistricted to the 27th district. Early life, ...
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Congresswoman hears a personal tale from a Vietnam veteran

A Vietnam war veteran shares his story after years of serving his country. Sergeant Ted Wilkinson shared his story from serving in the Vietnam war with Congresswoman Kathy Hochul Thursday. His story is the first of many that will be recorded each month with the Congresswoman as apart of the Veterans History Project. The project is in an effort to make future generations aware of the realities of war from personal experience. Hochul said the project gives those who have served our country the recognition they deserve. "So many people have stepped up and answered that call for service, but ...

Kathy Hochul: Rising Star In Congress

When Kathy Hochul was a candidate in a special election in New York's bright red 26th Congressional district this summer, not many people took notice of her candidacy early on. It took early money and endorsements by Kirsten and EMILY's List to help put Kathy on the map. From there Kathy did the rest -- running a smart, tough campaign - and outworking her opponents. Since her unlikely victory, Kathy has been a real star in Congress, not only taking the lead in Washington, but, more important, being a fighter for Western New York. It's nice to see that her local paper, The Buffalo News, is ...

Cong. Kathy Hochul Visits Daemen College

During Congress' August break, Congresswoman Kathy Hochul, Representative from New York’s 26th District,visited Daemen College. Representative Hochulmet with Daemen President Dr. Edwin Clausen, and members of the Daemen Administrative Cabinet. She also spoke to Daemen faculty, administrators, and staff in the Daemen College Research & Information Commons. In her remarks, Congresswoman Hochul stressed the need for members of Congress toset aside the the partisanship that has marked the recent efforts toraise the debtceiling, and other legislation as well. Shetold the Daemen group ...

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