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Jyrki Katainen

* Prime minister
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Suomen nykyinen pääministeri. | The Prime Minister of Finland and the chairman of the National Coalition Party.
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FIN: Jyrki Tapani Katainen (s. 14. lokakuuta 1971 Siilinjärvi) on Suomen nykyinen pääministeri. Katainen on neljännen kauden kansanedustaja, kokoomuksen puheenjohtaja ja yksi Euroopan kansanpuolueen kymmenestä varapuheenjohtajasta. Koulutukseltaan hän on yhteiskuntatieteiden maisteri. Poliittinen ura Katainen liittyi kokoomukseen puolueen päästyä hallitusvastuuseen vuonna 1987. Hänet valittiin Siilinjärven valtuustoon 22-vuotiaana ja kansanedustajaksi 27-vuotiaana, kokoomuksen varapuheenjohtajaksi 2001 ja puolueen puheenjohtajaksi kesäkuussa 2004. Katainen oli Siilinjärven kunnanvaltuuston jäsen vuosina 1993-2010 ja Pohjois-Savon maakuntaliiton 1. varapuheenjohtaja vuodesta 2000. Hän oli Kokoomuksen Nuorten ...
äänestää sillä33äänestää vastaan   Mielestäni Jyrki Katainen on varsin hyvä poliitikko. Esimerkiksi, koska ... (jos halusin kirjoittaa, miksi olen kirjoittanut sen täältä), positive
äänestää sillä33äänestää vastaan   En ole samaa mieltä. Jyrki Katainen on huono valinta. Esimerkiksi, koska ... (jos halusin kirjoittaa, miksi olen kirjoittanut sen täältä), negative
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Katainen scores 5th in FT comparison of EU finance ministers

Finnish Minister of Finance Jyrki Katainen (Nat. Coalition Party) has been ranked as the fifth-best finance minister in the European Union by the Financial Times newspaper. Taking top position on the FT ranking list was Germany’s Wolfgang Schäuble. Also ranked ahead of Katainen were Poland’s Jacek Rostowski, France’s Christine Lagarde and Sweden’s Anders Borg. In 2008 the Financial Times ranked Katainen as number one among European finance ministers. The comparison of the finance ministers of 19 countries takes into account the ministers’ political ...

Minister Katainen wants inventory of unnecessary expenses

Minister of Finance Jyrki Katainen (Nat. Coalition Party) is calling on civil servants and the Economic Council, a body under the authority of the Prime Minister, to draw up plans to re-allocate state spending. Katainen says that the state needs to calculate if it has unnecessary expenses, and it needs to target spending in different ways in a “cost inventory”. “Just like in an inventory in a shop, we will look and see what we have on the shelves. Is there something missing, should we order something more, and is there something with an expired sell-by date for lack ...

Katainen: Ireland Deal Should Calm Markets

Jyrki Katainen in Brussels on Sunday Image: Yle Finnish Finance Minister Jyrki Katainen says that the EU-IMF aid package for Ireland hammered out in Brussels on Sunday should calm the finance markets, since along with the aid to Ireland, the EU agreed on the principles of a permanent crisis management mechanism. After June 2013, the private sector will be made responsible for its action in some regards. According to Katainen, the most important aspect of the 85-billion-euro package is that it is credible. Speaking to a YLE reporter outside the emergency ...

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End of the bicycling politician - Politico
PoliticoEnd of the bicycling politicianPoliticoIn 2012, Finland's then-Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen was confronted by a man with a knife while campaigning for a local election — the man was stopped by Katainen's security detail. “Swedish politicians still try to maintain face-to-face contact with ...and more »
In Juncker's European Commission, Dog Owners Outnumber Cat Lovers - Wall Street Journal (blog)
Wall Street Journal (blog)In Juncker's European Commission, Dog Owners Outnumber Cat LoversWall Street Journal (blog)But even among those who don't have pets, some are self-confessed dog lovers: Finland's Jyrki Katainen, vice-president in charge of investments, “likes animals and is more of a dog person than cat,” his office wrote in an email. Karmenu Vella, the ...and more »
EU Investment Plan Rolls Out Projects as Impact Unclear - Bloomberg
BloombergEU Investment Plan Rolls Out Projects as Impact UnclearBloombergEuropean Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker promised his investment plan would pump 315 billion euros ($361 billion) into the European Union's economy. A month after winning approval from EU nations and the European Parliament, the projects ...
Jyrki Katainen says reform is as vital as economic stimulus - euronews
Jyrki Katainen says reform is as vital as economic stimuluseuronewsGreece dominates the headlines when it comes to the European economy. But the story is bigger than that. It is also about growth and getting people back into work. Maithreyi Seetharaman from Euronews caught up with Jyrki Katainen, the Vice President of ...and more »

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