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'n omstrede Suid-Afrikaanse politieke figuur. | A South African politician, and the former president of the ANC Youth League.
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AFR: Julius Sello Malema (* 3 Maart 1981 in Seshego) is 'n omstrede Suid-Afrikaanse politieke figuur, en sedert April 2008 president van die ANC-Jeugliga. Hy is die bekendste vir sy omstrede uitlatings en toesprake, oor ondermeer vroue, blankes, aanhangers van Inkatha-leier Mangosuthu Buthelezi en teenstanders van die ANC. Hy gee ook dikwels luidkeelse ondersteuning vir die ANC- en in besonder staatspresident Jacob Zuma. Zuma en die premier van die Limpopo-provinsie het al na Malema verwys as die toekomstige president van Suid-Afrika. Malema is die onderwerp van 'n boek deur die Suid-Afrikaanse joernaliste Max du Preez en Nancy Rossouw: The world according to Julius Malema analiseer die denkbeelde van Malema en gaan dieper in op sy invloed binne die ANC. Aanmerkings oor vroue Na ...
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Malema hopes NEC will ride to his rescue

SUSPENDED ANC Youth League president Julius Malema will be pinning his hopes on the ruling party's National Executive Committee (NEC) to rescue his political career following his five-year suspension. Until his appeal has been concluded, Malema will remain the leader of the youth league. He has until November 24 to appeal against his sentence. If he loses the appeal, he will also have to vacate his position as league president. Yesterday, he began his fightback campaign when he called a special NEC meeting in Benoni. Read more: Times Live (November 13,2011)

Malema's enemies celebrate his demise

Johannesburg - Detractors of ANC Youth League (ANCYL) president Julius Malema have been holding demonstrations of jubilation in his home province of Limpopo following his suspension last week, The Sowetan newspaper reported on Monday. The demonstrations began in Malema's hometown Seshego on Thursday night and spread to other parts of the province, including Mopani, which is the home of his long-time friend and ally Joshua Matlou. Matlou, who led the youth wing with Malema in 2006 as provincial chairperson, is now the chairperson of the ANC's Mopani region, which is also home to Limpopo ...

Julius Malema - An unlikely leader

June, as if one needed reminding, is the coldest month. It has also come to be associated with anything and everything to do with the youth, June 16 being Youth Day, a holiday, to commemorate the day in 1976 on which young people rose up against apartheid. The insurrection soon took on a life of its own, spreading throughout the country, including small towns and villages. Figures of authority became fair game. Teachers and councillors, seen as functionaries of an illegitimate system, were forced to resign, and consumer boycotts ruthlessly enforced. The children had run out of patience. The ...

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Broadband: what would Malema do?
The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), led by former ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema, has published its founding manifesto ahead of national elections in 2014 that it is expected it will contest. The radically left-wing manifesto, which calls for the
Putting politically explosive events to song and dance
TWO politically explosive musicals Marikana – The Musical and Protest! headlined at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival. Both shows root themselves in the SA tradition of a song for all occasions, from joy to sorrow, but scriptwriter-directors Aubrey W Sekhabi (Marikana) and Paul Grootboom (Protest!) have different views on how the music works. Sekhabi says miners at Marikana told their story in song and his musical promotes healing. However, Grootboom says pointedly that Protest! is a “drama with music”. The message is less about healing and more about radical change. In Protest! a Mpumalanga township is without water because of tender corruption. Grootboom’s fiery musical, sung with incredible intensity by a cast of 23, criticises the ANC for it’s lust for money and power, but more interestingly famous actor Desmond Dube’s dark and manipulative rabble-rouser character, Castro, is a thinly-veiled reference to the rise of Julius Malema, complete with beret and red shirt.
Altered trajectories loom as Rainbow Nation looks to 2017
IN AN interview this week, DA leader Helen Zille predicted that President Jacob Zuma would not stand for reelection as ANC president in 2017. Thank you, Captain Obvious. The constitution stipulates that the maximum term served by a president is two terms, which Zuma would have concluded by then.  Standing for a third term as ANC president would be unthinkable, given the manner in which Zuma rose to the helm of the ruling party in the first place. The ANC has a standing resolution that states that the president of the party will be the president of the country, which takes Zuma out of the running, although it does not prevent him from attempting to influence who his successor should be. That Cyril Ramaphosa will stand and be contested is also part of the internal democratic processes of the ANC, although it is quite possible that the contest for the position of deputy president in the upcoming ANC electoral race will be more highly charged than that of president. Zille also again refer
EFF warned as Zuma rebukes opposition
THE Economic Freedom Fighters were warned today that they risk parliamentary sanction as President Jacob Zuma closed the bitterly partisan debate on his state-of-the-nation address with a call to the opposition to refrain from personal attacks. The warning, along with the unruly EFF walkout that sparked it, overshadowed the president’s response in which he reiterated pledges to focus on economic growth and improve service delivery. Thandi Modise, who chaired the joint sitting for the last stretch of the debate, said an EFF MP had behaved un acceptably as party leader Julius Malema led colleagues from the National Assembly chamber on Thursday night and hinted the member could be disciplined. “While leaving, disruptive and unacceptable behaviour was demonstrated by a member of those honourable members,” Modise said, without naming the particular MP. “This could very well be a matter that could reside under the mandate of the powers and privileges committee.” The Powers, Privile

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