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Juan Domingo Perón

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Fue un político, militar y presidente argentino. | Was an Argentine military officer and politician. Died in 1974.
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El Instituto Juan Perón inicia sus actividades del año

Julio Sotelo presentó el dictado de cursos de apoyo para el ingreso a las distintas carreras universitarias y la formación de equipos profesionales para el gobierno y municipios. El Instituto de Capacitación Política “Juan Domingo Peron” presentó en la sede del Partido Justicialista las actividades que desarrollará este año, que incluyen el dictado de cursos de apoyo para el ingreso a las distintas carreras universitarias existentes en la región y la formación de equipos profesionales que prestarán ...

Juan Domingo Perón (1895-1974): Justicialism

Juan Domingo Perón is among the most contentious figures in the modern political history of South America. On the one hand, many commentators are prepared to argue that he was a fascist, but others see in Perónism, which long retained the support of the Argentine working class, real elements of a social justice movement combined with severely compromised leadership.Perón, an army officer, siezed power in 1944 with a group of other officers. During the Argentine presidential election of 1946, Perón claimed to be a democrat who would accept any outcome. And it seems ...

Juan Domingo Perón:

Juan Domingo Perón was what Latin Americans often like to call a Fenómeno. We might translate that best in English as a "paradox." He was a soldier who became the boss and idol of a trade union movement that had a long history of opposition to the armed forces and to militarism in general. He divided public opinion of his country more deeply and more bitterly than anyone in a hundred years, but when he returned to power after almost a generation he came as a symbol of unity and reconciliation. He was forced to live eighteen years in exile, having little personal contact with his ...

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