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Jon Tester

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The junior United States Senator from Montana, serving since 2007.
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ENG: Jon Tester (born August 21, 1956) is the junior U.S. Senator for Montana, serving since 2007. He is a member of the Democratic Party. He previously served as President of the Montana Senate. Early life Tester was born in Havre, Montana, one of three sons of Helen Marie (Pearson) and David O. Tester. Tester grew up in Chouteau County, near the town of Big Sandy, Montana, on the land that his grandfather homesteaded in 1916. At the age of 9, he lost the middle three fingers of his left hand in a meat-grinder accident. In 1978, he graduated from the University of Great Falls with a B.S. in music. He then worked for two years as a music teacher in the Big Sandy School District before returning to his family's farm and custom butcher shop. He and his wife continue to operate the ...
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The Democrats' Last, Best Hope

Jon Tester, United States senator, is face down in the mud. Earlier today, Tester and his wife, Sharla, drove from Great Falls, Mont., to their home, T-Bone Farms, 80 miles northeast. It’s a journey the Testers have been making nearly every weekend since Jon joined the Senate in January 2007. As usual, they followed the Teton River through sloping sandstone canyons and out onto a vast expanse of flat, treeless farmland, with only the occasional man-made interruption: the United Grain silos in Kershaw, the Ace High Casino in Loma, a billboard about chewing tobacco. “Quitting Was ...

Tester: Even Montanans Are Complaining About Foreclosures

If Montanans are complaining, it must be serious. “Montana is not a state where people come to their U.S. senator just willy-nilly,” Sen. Jon Tester (D., Mont.) said during a hearing Tuesday on the foreclosure mess, arguing that there’s no question problems with foreclosure documents and lenders operations go far beyond a few isolated incidents. His home state has just 950,000 residents and still he has staff members spending “a ton of time” on foreclosure-related problems, Mr. Tester said, detailing two cases involving Bank of America Corp. Mr. Tester ...

Sen. Tester touts food safety exemption for small farmers

Sen. Jon Tester met with his fellow farmers on Friday to explain how he'd kept them out of new federal food regulations. "When I first saw the bill, it didn't take into consideration farmers markets and direct marketing," Tester said during a visit to the Good Food Store in Missoula. "In the end, it would have eliminated your ability to sell at farmers markets." S. 510 imposes new requirements for food safety and quality. While he agreed the bill is necessary to keep dangers like salmonella and E. coli contamination out of the nation's food supply, Tester said it shouldn't wipe out the ...

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Great Falls Tribune: Public lands support knows no political boundaries
More than 1,000 people gathered in the rotunda of the Capitol building in Helena on Monday for the Public Lands in Public Hands rally — one of the largest crowds to gather in the space, according to the governor’s office. “This ain’t about politics, whether you’re a Democrat, or Republican, or Libertarian, or vegetarian, these...
The Missoulian: Tester a champion of access to outdoors
We’ve all seen these people in Montana’s outdoors: the angler who spends only a single day on the river each year, yet shows off an expensive handmade rod that most of us would die for; the big-city hunter decked out in top-of-the-line gear who writes a big check to shoot a trophy. While there’s nothing...
Daily Inter Lake: Tester meets with Trump’s pick for Homeland Security secretary
National security was the center of discussion Wednesday when U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., met with retired Marine Gen. John Kelly, President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Tester said he requested the meeting with Kelly to ensure Montana’s security needs are in mind under the incoming administration. Tester and...
Missoula Independent: Tester turns to crowdsourcing for cabinet confirmation questions
Over the past month, the names have trickled out of Donald Trump’s transition headquarters like water from a leaky faucet. The president-elect appears to be stacking his inner circle with campaign allies, Beltway insiders and industry executives, with each new cabinet nominee raising more eyebrows than the last. With a whirlwind of confirmation hearings on...

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